5 Local Internet Marketing Tips

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Participating in local Internet marketing is one of the best ways to capture traffic from your target audience. In fact, studies show that nearly 31% of people are turning to the Internet to search for products and services. Local Internet marketing is just one more way to help guide those consumers to your business, which will hopefully result in new customers. If you are not currently participating in local Internet marketing, here are 5 tips to help get you started.

1. Sign up for Google+

Every business owner should take the time to set up a Google+ profile for a few different reasons. First, it’s completely free, so any leads you generate from Google+ are free. Free is a great deal when it comes to Internet marketing. Second, Google places adds huge value on websites with a Google+ profile. This means you have a better chance at ranking highly in the search engine results page if you have a Google+ profile. Finally, Google+ allows customers to review your website, products, and services. This is a great way to get a recommendation from people who love you.

2. Update your Google Places Listing

Google+ is not the only advantageous platform for businesses. If you update your Google Places listing properly, you have the opportunity to show up in Google’s Maps listings. This is a great way to capture the attention of those looking for a business, product, or service in your area.

3. Participate in Social Media

Google is also placing a higher emphasis on those with social media accounts. Take time to link your Google+ profile to other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

4. Start a Blog

One way to draw local customers to your business is to provide them with valuable content. Most Internet searchers poking around online are looking for information. If you provide them with useful information, they will respect you and visit your website often. The more a local searcher visits your website, the higher the chances are of you capturing them as a new customer.

5. Geo-target

When you are optimizing your website, make sure you include geo-targeted keywords. This means if you are an HVAC company in Salt Lake City, Utah, make sure you add “Salt Lake City” to the keywords you target. Additionally, if you run a paid search ad, make sure to limit your search to show up only for people searching in and around the areas you service. This will help increase your site’s relevancy and conversion rate.

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