Five Content Writing Tips

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Producing quality content on your website is becoming more and more important in the SEO world each day. In fact, many SEO strategists argue that old SEO tricks are dead, and it’s impossible to optimize a website without quality content. The reason? Top search engines like Google are intent on rewarding websites with relevant and real content. See how you can amp up your content writing game to make your site more search engine friendly.

Excellent content really is key if you want to get noticed, so here are some ways to keep it real when it comes to writing great content.

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Content

Search engines index your site by sifting through your content. If there is not enough content on your site, search engines don’t know what to do with your website. Shoot for about 250 words/page.

2. Don’t Have Too Much Content

Remember, you are not writing for search engine crawlers, you are writing for customers. If your content is too long, your customers might get bored and click out of your site.

3. Include a Blog on Your Site

Blogs are interesting to people because they give interesting and useful information for free. Blog posts are also interesting to search engine crawlers because they are loaded with new, relevant, and topical information just waiting to be indexed.

4. Keywords are Still Important

While you don’t want to stuff your content with keywords, don’t neglect keyword research completely. Think of 3 relevant keywords that sum up your products and services, and include them in your text.

5. Refresh Your Content

Search engines love new content, and so do people. Consider hiring a professional SEO company to rewrite your content every once in a while. SEO professionals know all the tricks of the trade and will update your content to match industry best practices.


Taylor Jones

Really liked your post. Most people have gone away from keyword research thinking that it no longer has weight with search engines.

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