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Google Launches Penguin 2.0

Posted By: OrangeSoda

algorithm, google, google news, penguin, Penguin 2.0, Seo

What is Penguin? Penguin 1.0 was launched in early 2012 as part of Google’s efforts to eliminate ranking sites that use methods of web spam and over-optimization. It also aimed to penalize sites with poor user experiences. Essentially, Penguin’s purpose is to clean up the Internet, which is great for us and our clients as…

How do Search Engines Make Money, Anyway?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, google news, Online Marketing, paid search, search engines

In an economy where we are used to paying for goods and services, it seems a bit confusing that a free service like a search engine actually makes money. While most online marketers with an online advertising budget know the answer to that question, a recent survey by Harris Interactive indicates that a large amount…

The Skinny on Advance Google Search

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Advance Search, google, google news, Google Search

Did you know there are all sorts of search tools to help you return more specific Google search results? We often get so used to relying on Google’s basic search to find information that we forget Google has implemented a wide range of advance search options. These advance search options help us easily find exactly…

Avoid Failing at SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, search engine optimization, Search tactics, Seo

No one likes a failing grade, but failing at SEO can be super easy. With all of the changes top search engines make to their algorithms, staying at the top of the SEO class requires a lot of attention to detail and a lot of homework. If you are planning on engaging in a stellar…

Welcome to “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase”

Posted By: OrangeSoda

analytics, Data, google, google news, Industry Trends, Reporting

Last week, Google launched an awesome new analytics tool. Based on pulling data from 36,000 of Google’s largest advertisers, Google is now able to provide quality insights about the buying patterns of consumers in your target industry.