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What is a Nofollow?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

nofollow, nofollowed

This is a question I get all the time. In short, the nofollow attribute in HTML is a way for you to tag a link to suggest to the search engines that they ignore this link’s existence. When I say ‘ignore the link’, I mean that Google won’t use the link for any of the…

All Your Links are Belong to Us: How Google Uses Links

Posted By: OrangeSoda

advantage of linking, how google uses links

We know how humans use links – simply to redirect visitors to different resources. BORING! When Google came onto the scene, they innovated by introducing popularity into the search algorithm. The key to this popularity is linking. There are three ways that search engines use links to accomplish their purposes. These are: 1. Find new…

Creating Scalable Linkbuilding Processes

Posted By: OrangeSoda

link building, linkbuilding

Anyone who’s ever read anything about SEO knows that building links is important, but what does it mean? There are potentially millions of reasons for one site to link to another Everyone is looking for the silver bullet with linkbuilding – how to create a process where you can easily, quickly, cheaply, and reliably create…

Turn Your Social Media “Peekers” into Faithful Followers

Posted By: OrangeSoda

social media followers

We work so diligently gaining our social media following it’s hard not to wince when someone unfollows or unfriends us. Of course it’s not personal. We also make similar decisions about the niche we follow. Think about it for a moment, why do you unfollow? Irrelevant posts? Boring? Too much self-promotion? Now turn the tables…

Your Online Reputation – It's About Standing For Something

Posted By: OrangeSoda

manage your reputation, reputation management, social media interactions

As an internet marketer, I hear a lot of talk about reputation management.  I was recently impressed by a great success story. It wasn’t really done to manage reputation, but to live up to one of the companies values statements: “Caring about our communities & our environment.” For most companies, I think a value statement…