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3 Powerful Reasons to Use Social Media Coupons

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Everyone loves to save money, whether it’s on shoes, golf clubs, or in-home services. As of 2013, 92% of consumers use coupons. For some people, there’s a rush that comes with saving on something, especially when you know the value of the service or good is much higher than what you paid. For others, the…

3 Reasons Why SEO Is Still Important

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Late last year and carrying on into this year, the phrase “content is king” started to appear everywhere. The phrase was on blogs, think pieces, and in nearly every article written related to online marketing. Whereas in the past few years SEO was focused on keyword density and more basic factors, we’ve seen search engines…

5 Lessons We Learn from a Social Sweepstakes Success Story

Posted By: OrangeSoda

“Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if we won that $500 gift basket of goodies from the county store?” “I need to win those sideline tickets to the game.” They’re on Pinterest, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. You’re almost guaranteed to see at least one every day somewhere on social media: a giveaway, social contest,…

9 Collaborative Business Tools that Will Increase Productivity

Posted By: OrangeSoda

You should be no stranger to collaborative work by now. Better decision making, higher customer retention, improved revenues, and increased innovation are just some of the benefits of working as a team. This is great as a statement, but productive collaboration is not an easy beast to tackle. When you work in teams and collaborate with…

How Social Media Changed Super Bowl Marketing

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Remember the days before social media? You probably watched every commercial during the Super Bowl and tried to guess which ones your friends thought were the best so you could talk to them about it the next day. As it turns out, if you still watch Super Bowl commercials (and you don’t fast-forward through them…