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Handling Less Than Ideal PPC Realities

Posted By: OrangeSoda

call tracking, internet marketing strategy, local search, OrangeSoda, paid search

If you’ve been reading PPC blogs for any amount of time, you’ll notice that much of what you read seems to be tailored for businesses with big budgets and slick websites. Mind you, there’s tons of great advice and food for thought out there–it just may not help the SMB owner with limited development resources…

Traditional vs. Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Internet Marketing, traditional marketing

I get the chance to personally meet with hundreds of small business owners as part of my job.  I am always interested in what kind of marketing they are doing to grow their small businesses.  Today’s economy means businesses are having a hard time keeping the lights on, and marketing is the last thing on…

My Thoughts on NPR Interview: Drive and Rewards

Posted By: OrangeSoda

corporate america, employees

Neal Conan recently interviewed author Daniel Pink about his new book entitled Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. The interview and book discuss what motivates employees to work. The premise of the book is that traditional motivation for superior work is counterproductive. Pink says, “Typically, if you reward something, you get more of…

Have You Started Blogging Yet?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

blogs, Social Media Marketing

About a month ago I posted about the need to have a blog in a post called: Focus or Fail: Blog Marketing. Have you done anything about it? I’ve been thinking about possible barriers to getting started with your blog. Let’s discuss it and I’ll provide a possible solution to each. Barriers to Blogging (really…

Getting New Customers Attention

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Marketing is supposed to be the fun part of running a business, and hopefully it is for you. By mixing marketing creativity with your expertise in an industry you quickly differentiate your business from your competitors and begin to get new and old customers’ attention.  Here are some examples and ideas to help get you…