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A Fresh Perspective on Your Business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

This year I’ve watched a few companies launch refresh initiates. To get customers thinking about your business again lets take a look at two techniques you could employ. Change what your businesses is doing and highlight it. Change the way consumers think of your business without changing anything.

Integrity in the Workplace

Posted By: OrangeSoda

In The Speed of Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey devoted a chapter to integrity.  When describing integrity he used words like congruence, honesty, humility, courage, and ethics.  I have been lucky to have worked with many people with high amounts of integrity for most of my career.

Making a First Impression

Posted By: OrangeSoda

The first moments with any new client are some of the most important. They form an opinion right away that push these new patrons to make snap value judgements about the type of people they’re working with. Sometimes a great deal can lure customers past a gruff appearance, but ideally any client’s first experience would be…

Choosing an SEO Consultant – A Response to SEOmoz

Posted By: OrangeSoda

inhouse seo, outsource seo

Recently I watched the Whiteboard Friday video from SEOmoz about how to choose an SEO consultant, and wanted to comment on the content of what Rand and Will discussed. Consultant vs. Outsource Rand and Will made a distinction between consulting and outsourcing. I’m not sure that’s the most meaningful distinction.   I believe the most important…

Traditional Marketing: An Investment or a Waste?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

digital advertising, digital marketing, traditional advertising, traditional marketing

Traditional marketing can only give you an estimate on impressions. Digital and web marketing technologies can take you all the way. Let me give you an example. Traditional Let’s say that you purchased space on a billboard on the freeway. What information did the billboard company give you? Is it accurate? They can fairly accurately…