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3 Reasons Why SEO Is Still Important

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Late last year and carrying on into this year, the phrase “content is king” started to appear everywhere. The phrase was on blogs, think pieces, and in nearly every article written related to online marketing. Whereas in the past few years SEO was focused on keyword density and more basic factors, we’ve seen search engines…

5 Lessons We Learn from a Social Sweepstakes Success Story

Posted By: OrangeSoda

“Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if we won that $500 gift basket of goodies from the county store?” “I need to win those sideline tickets to the game.” They’re on Pinterest, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. You’re almost guaranteed to see at least one every day somewhere on social media: a giveaway, social contest,…

How Local Directories on SERPs Changed SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

The Study: How Directories Affect SEO Recently, I had our engineering team at OrangeSoda perform a study of how all our SEO keywords were ranking on SERPs. The results that we found have changed SEO and our keyword ranking strategies. First, we pulled all of the keywords we were optimizing, but not any halo keywords….

The Top Three FREE Online Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

Posted By: OrangeSoda

You don’t need to assume that marketing your company takes a lot of money. Thanks to the Internet, there are tons of free tips out there to help you. With minimal research, you can implement several of these options on your own. There are many merits to hiring a company to handle your overall SEO…

Three Niche Marketing Tactics You Should Use to Gain More Customers

Posted By: OrangeSoda

If you haven’t already begun to explore the realm of niche marketing, it is time to start. Niche marketing is more profitable than broader tactics because you are targeting a narrow group—a group that truly wants what you are offering. When people are looking for your services or answers to common questions related to your…