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Make Online Checkout Easier

Posted By: OrangeSoda

checkout, landing page optimization, signup

The online checkout process should be very familiar to all of us by now, and yet every site seems to have their own methods and ideas for how the checkout process should work. Plain and simple: the easier the checkout process, the more sales you’ll have. Here are a few tips for things to do…

How to Create Quality Content for Link Building

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Link building is a hot topic in the SEO world. While there are thousands of factors that go into the ranking equation for each site, having high-quality links to your site is always a benefit. Not only do high-quality links help in the ranking equation, but they are also beneficial in drawing visitors to your…

Five Tips for Revamping Your Site Content

Posted By: OrangeSoda

website text

Throughout my time in the SEO industry, I’ve had the chance to evaluate thousands of websites and  have taken many mental notes about factors that make a great site and those that don’t. Why does content matter? It’s simple: credibility. Without credibility, your chance of converting viewers into customers goes downhill fast. It’s vital that…

Spring has Sprung – Has Your Online Marketing?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Join the experts of OrangeSoda and learn all about essentials of online marketing. While you’re at it, receive a free website analysis and $200 of free advertising just for showing up! It’s the time of year when green grass flourishes and fresh flowers blossom. So why not let your business grow with them? Join OrangeSoda’s…

Improve load times with your .htaccess file

Posted By: OrangeSoda

htaccess, load times

Load times are important, not only for SEO but for the user experience as well.  Here is a tip I have used to improve load times on my sites, especially those with a lot of images. Before we begin, however, I must make a disclaimer. First, this will only be one tip to improve; there…