3 Ways to Make your Website Mobile-ready (Part 2)


Think about the last time you tried to do anything on the web with your phone. Chances are that your experience was less than stellar. The problem is that many companies don’t take the time to think about the mobile user and their experience. So who’s doing it right?

Here’s a good example: Café Rio.

For those of who are not familiar, Café Rio is a popular Mexican restaurant that delivers the best burrito around. Turns out that I was craving one yesterday while I was out. I hopped on their website using my iPhone and I got this beautiful user interface. It gave me 8 quick navigation options, one of which was “Order by Phone.” I was then able to select my state and city easily, and clicked to call. Bam. Easy Schmeesy. It took me less than 2 minutes to complete the whole process.

So what do mobile visitors want to see when they come to your website?

Things to include on your mobile site

  • Your logo
  • An address that people can click and get directions
  • A picture of your location
  • A map
  • A phone number that people can click to call

o   Use this code: <a href=”tel:8016102500”>Click to call: 801-610-2500</a>

  • Bulleted list of services and service areas

Just remember, think like your user.  Ask your users and customers what they want to see on your mobile site. 9 times out of 10 when you do this, you’ll get this list above.

Lastly, here’s an example of a good mobile page. Notice that all of the things a user wants out of a local retailer is present and easy to get to and use.

Mobile Website Preview