3 Things You Never Knew About SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons


Ok, the secret’s about to be let loose. Pssst! SEO for cosmetic surgeons must be handled differently from SEO methods applied to other businesses. Why is it different, you ask? Read on, my friend. Read on. We will “spill the beans” and lay it out in simple, easy-to-understand, and straightforward terms. Here are three things you never knew about SEO for cosmetic surgeons.


First and foremost, SEO for plastic surgeons must be carefully balanced. By balanced, we mean that the use of keywords for Google rankings must be more carefully used and strategically placed. The visitor is not being sold anything other than the doctor’s reputation. Therefore, grossly overusing keywords that the plastic surgeon is trying to rank for will not only detract from the purpose of the site, but it will turn away potential patients within moments. Andy Jenkins says that we have about 3 seconds to capture the interest of our site visitors before they decide to click away and move on. Yes, patients need to find the surgeon’s website at the top of Google to get there in the first place. However, what keeps them on the site must be found right away and should engage them; nothing should be fettered with “keyword stuffing.” That’s that smartest approach when it comes to cosmetic surgery marketing online.

Be Natural

Next, SEO for cosmetic and plastic surgeons must incorporate education and keyword optimization or it simply won’t work. Take into consideration that some percentage of the way Google determines PageRank (also called “PR”) is in how many backlinks are pointing to that site (and what the relevancy and PR of those sites are) according to Stompernet. Quantity is less important than quality in this case, and even more so for the plastic surgeon’s website.  Patients should be able to find straightforward, useful information about procedures the doctor performs. SEO in plastic surgery marketing should be carefully knitted into quality content, with keywords placed about every 100 words. This accomplished high PageRank as well as engaging content for patient visitors to the site.


Last but not least is variety. Effective SEO must be implemented through a variety of means. Think of it as a tree with many branches. The tree represents the site and the branches that come off of the trunk are many different links that lead back to that site. Blogging, press releases, article marketing, social media marketing and link building are all viable ways to build page rank for a site. If the content is compelling, then the backlinks to those pages, as well as to the site, will naturally increase. And natural backlink building is essential to plastic surgery advertising and SEO. It is thought that Google penalizes sites for suddenly building backlinks to their site. This is because they know that this isn’t the way sites grow in “real life.”

Use these three SEO tips to help your online cosmetic surgery marketing. They will increase your website’s momentum with both patients and with Google. And isn’t it every SEO professional’s dream to have Google as their secret admirer?


Dr. Stewart, Cosmetic Surgery

This seems pretty obvious to me. I mean you have to be careful with your keywords so that you are not banned or blocked and that you also are explaining what you do. Some good keyword options are: plastic surgery and tummy tuck utah.

Charles Mcnider

Dr. Stewart is correct. Plastic surgery is a good keyword option. Care should always be taken when posting. Great article. All the best!

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