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Have you considered Internet Fax?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Have you considered using internet fax instead of getting a new fax machine or getting a fancy copier?  My first company was web based and I wasn’t planning on needing  a fax number for anything.  Why on earth would someone need to fax an order when they could click a checkout button?  Then I got…

Guest Janine Popick on Making the Most out of Happy Customers

Posted By: OrangeSoda

business blogging, email marketing, internet marketing strategy, referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to grow your business—and the size of your email marketing list. The entire customer experience needs to be superior in order to get your word of mouth referrals started. At VerticalResponse a huge number of the people who sign up for our service select “Word…

SEO Tools That Work On Google Chrome

Posted By: OrangeSoda

I ditched Firefox a while back in favor of something quicker (Google Chrome). I find that Chrome is faster on every platform I have on my desk (Windows, OS X and Linux) but that’s beside the point. No one wants to switch because they  have all these “tools” they need in Firefox. We’ll I’m here…

Never Settle – Always Test for More

Posted By: OrangeSoda

There’s always a tweak or a change you can test and to demonstrate this principal one brilliant marketer started split testing, commonly referred to as A/B testing, with a homeless man. After a few changes they were able to increase a homeless man’s earnings by more than 100%! From the article …the homeless man started to draw…

11 Reasons Your Small Business Should Blog

Posted By: OrangeSoda

business blogging, small business blog

You’ve all heard it, but do you know the benefits of blogging for a small business? Blogs are wonderful tools for businesses because they are so versatile. They can serve a PR purpose, a promotional purpose and act as a hub of interaction between your customers/potential customers and you.