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The Art of Adding Value Online

Posted By: OrangeSoda

add value online, crowdsourcing, Internet Marketing, know your competition, market research, Online Marketing, understand your customers

Internet marketing is a booming industry, with all manner of businesses attempting to get a slice of the pie. In an ever increasingly competitive venue, how can small businesses set themselves apart, and succeed online? The key is to “Add Value”. But what does that really mean? Not every business can add value in the…

How to Turn Your Local Business into a Referral Engine: A Book Review

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Psst! We’re giving away a free SIGNED, ADVANCE copy of John Jantsch’s “The Referral Engine.” Read on for details. “The relative health and success of most businesses can be gauged by this simple factor — how many clients refer friends, neighbors and colleagues.” – The Referral Engine, Teaching your Business to Market Itself.” If you…

Book Review – REWORK

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson write the way they build websites. And that’s not a bad thing. They’re the authors of REWORK, the latest book from Chicago-based web application company 37Signals. Written as a series of iterations on iterating, the book expresses the now-famous philosophy of Fried and Hansson in their most readable, well-illustrated way yet. From meetings…

5 Tips To Better Engage Your Customers Through Facebook

Posted By: OrangeSoda

There are many different ways to engage your customers through Facebook that do not involve screaming marketing messages or spamming your entire Business Page list. Follow these 5 simple tips to Facebook Marketing success!

Small Business Online Marketing – 5 Guiding Principles

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Online marketing isn’t for the wishy-washy. There’s a fairly significant learning curve to many aspects of it. To make matters worse, the online ecosystem changes just about every week. And in 2010, you have to harness its potential for your business to thrive. You probably don’t have time to make that happen by yourself. Now…