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What Graffiti Artists Don’t Know About Marketing

Posted By: OrangeSoda

frequency, graffiti, reach, target, vertical

I’m a runner. I don’t look it, but I am. I love to take an hour in the morning to clear my head and get some great exercise. Just this last year, I have noticed the divider between the running path and the road has been a magnet for graffiti. This morning I was thinking…

How Do I Learn SEO?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

keep up with seo, learn seo, start seo

I get asked by junior SEO folk all the time, “I want to keep up on SEO and learn more, but where do I look?” No fear – AJ is here! I once wondered the same thing. I had such a hard time finding reliable SEO information (the kind for which I wouldn’t be ridiculed…

Create a Google Profile for your Small Business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, profile, small business

What is a Google profile? Check out mine. Google profiles are simple webpages where you can put general information about yourself. But there’s more. You can also include links, and that is where the SEO power is! Below the main area is a place to put as many links as you want. Your Delicious page,…

Why The Computer Guy Shouldn't Build Your Website

Posted By: OrangeSoda

The following is a fictional story which in reality occurs every day. Linda and her partners have decided their business needs a web presence. Now comes the big question: Who can build it for them? Who do they know who has experience with the internet? Maybe John, the computer guy, can do it. He is…

Traffic Diversification: Don't Put All Your Chickens in One Basket

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Google analytics, web analytics

For some time now I’ve been mulling over a marketing/analytics idea I call traffic diversification. Simply put, traffic diversification is a methodology whereby a website diversifies the sources of traffic it receives. In my time as an internet marketer, I’ve audited and optimized 100’s of websites. One underlying challenge I see for most sites is that…