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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Posted By: OrangeSoda

blogging, blogs, why you need a blog

Should your business website have a blog? Does having a blog help in SEO or getting more sales? What is the relation between SEO and blogging?   Well, these are the questions which are often asked by business owners about how a blog can help their business. If you, too, are a business owner searching for…

Be Real – The First Rule of Social Media

Posted By: OrangeSoda

be real, engage customers, social media interactions

Social media is all about being part of the conversation. Businesses love to automate communication so that they have more time for normal business operations while still participating in new media channels. The fact of the matter is that internet users have become jaded and skeptical. We’re tired of advertisements. We’re exhausted of spammy jaunts…

How Online Reviews Can Grow Your Business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

importancve of reviews, online reviews, positive reviews

Have you ever gotten a new customer via a referral? It can feel delightfully effortless to have your best customers essentially do your marketing for you by recommending your business to friends and colleagues. These personal and professional networks are increasingly moving online. Instead of picking up a phone and calling a dozen people to…

3 Things You Never Knew About SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

Posted By: OrangeSoda

cosmetic surgery seo, plastic surgeon online marketing

Ok, the secret’s about to be let loose. Pssst! SEO for cosmetic surgeons must be handled differently from SEO methods applied to other businesses. Why is it different, you ask? Read on, my friend. Read on. We will “spill the beans” and lay it out in simple, easy-to-understand, and straightforward terms. Here are three things…

Could Leaving a Negative Review Online Get you in Hot Water?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

negative reviews, online reviews, yelp

From what I’ve seen a major search engine starting with the letter G seems to favor negative reviews. Perhaps because they want to keep things authentic. Of course, anyone that’s doing anything is going to get negative criticism at some point. But when does a good review cross the line?