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Why You Need To Build A Database Of Prospects

Posted By: OrangeSoda

build a list, capture email leads

You’ve heard it everywhere and you’re sick of hearing that “you need to build a list.” People tell you to go build a list, but do they tell you WHY you need to build a list? Let’s look at it.

5 Reasons Case Studies are Crucial to your Marketing Campaign

Posted By: OrangeSoda

case studies, how to use case studies

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate the value and benefits of using your product or services. Well-written case studies convince prospects they need your product or services by demonstrating how a satisfied customer used your solution to produce tangible benefits and ROI. Even though case studies are proven, time and time again, to…

Sarah Killen Famous because of Conan O'Brien

Posted By: OrangeSoda

conan obrien, lovelybutton, sarah killen, twitter case study

OK, I thought this was just fantastic. I am a huge Twitter user, and I love stories about how Twitter and other social media platforms change lives. I follow Conan O’Brien since his Tonight Show debacle, and every day he tweets something that is hilarious. Today he did something that shows the power of a…

AJ Wilcox on Guest Post on

Posted By: OrangeSoda

It’s been a whirlwind week with guest posts, so here is another one. This time Aj Wilcox has a post up on inspiredtowrite. He discusses the virtues of online publication. The process of writing content for online is very similar to writing for offline. That’s where the similarities end. After an article is written, the…

OrangeSoda Boosts RE/MAX New Jersey Real Estate SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

It’s not everyday your client sends out a press release praising your work. So I thought I’d share: RE/MAX of New Jersey Tops Search Results for NJ Real Estate. Thank you RE/MAX of New Jersey and everyone we work with at OrangeSoda. Hope everyone is full of gratitude along with all of the turkey tomorrow!