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Small Business Tips for Mobile Apps

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Even if you don’t believe the claims that the world is abandoning the PC and moving on to the mobile era, the significance of smartphones and tablets is something that you shouldn’t ignore. According to ComScore, nearly 7% of all worldwide traffic on the web is driven by mobile devices and studies show that 81%…

Why Small Businesses Should Fall in Love with Pinterest

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Pinterest (pronounced “PIN-terest”) is a sensation that every small business should know about. The hot new social network is not based on who you know like most. Instead, you connect based on shared interests. Think of a cork board that has notes, products you want to buy, or inspiration. This is the online version. People…

Small Business Marketing at Its Simplest

Posted By: OrangeSoda

I’ve heard it said that marketing is simple; tell people what you do, and tell them over and over again. For the average small business, I think that marketing should be that simple.  Small-business professionals wear multiple hats and their demands require simple and effective execution. However, marketing is only this simple with one key…

Top Secret: No One Has to Know How Small Your Small Business Is

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Do you have the world’s fanciest office? Leather couches, beautiful windows, only corner offices, fountain drinks flowing freely and halls gleaming with cleanliness and importance. Or maybe “office” is a generous word to describe the laptop perching precariously on your crumb-covered kitchen counter.  Guess what?  I’ll never know!  It’s 2011 and chances are you do business on the…

Three “Do Nots” for the Social Media Novice

Posted By: OrangeSoda

small business marketing, social media, Social Media Marketing

Social media matters. Sure, some may see it as a fad, but it has been proven time and time again to bring real results to businesses that use it correctly. Not only does social media influence SEO, but it also has a significant impact on your branding, marketing, and PR efforts as well. For those…