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Want to Do Internet Marketing by Yourself?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

You’ll need to watch this video first!

The Mayo Clinic on Facebook

Posted By: OrangeSoda

facebook, internet marketing strategy, online marketing strategy

Facebook started out as a place for college students to connect with their classmates. Now it’s open to everyone. It’s become not only a social network, but an Internet marketing strategy. It’s easy to see how a person or small business can use Facebook but I’m interested in how a larger organization can participate. Today…

The Power of Online Marketing

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Seo, small business web site, web site marketing, YouTube marketing

“That is why search is powerful. You do not hunt for your customers, they hunt for you. You pick the keywords and the customer picks you. You not only “sell what your customers want,” but you also sell it “while they are actively looking for it.” – Aaron Wall, I’m reading the Aaron Wall’s…

Why Competitors Rank Higher than You in Search Engines

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Internet Marketing, search engine optimization, web design, web site marketing

Here are some web site marketing strategies from Search Engine Watch. Lots of clients want to be on the first page of search results for the key terms relating to their business. They want it fast. This article talks about things to consider. First the honesty. We can’t read the algorithm’s mind. No matter how…