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PPC: Google Debuts Video Ads

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Google has started running paid search ads that have videos. The ads were announced last month but are now popping up in search results. I’ve looked for some examples but today I’m not finding any. I wonder if that has something to do with all the news about this and how advertisers pay whenever someone…

Search Engine Marketing Industry Stronger than Expected

Posted By: OrangeSoda

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization or SEMPO says the search marketing industry has healthy growth, despite any worries about a recession in the US. Their 2007 State of the Market survey talks about how “print magazine advertising, website development and other marketing functions…” are growing “as marketers essentially shift the portions of their spending…

Kelsey Group on the Local Search Engine Marketing Industry

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Kelsey Group, local business internet marketing, local marketing, OrangeSoda, ReachLocal, WebsiteBiz, WebVisible

The Kelsey Group recently blogged about the local business search marketing industry. As I’ll blog about in the next post, the local internet marketing market is growing even faster than expected. More local businesses are going online, shifting their marketing budgets, especially to paid search. Here is some good news from search engine marketing companies…

OrangeSoda Named Top Company in Utah County

Posted By: OrangeSoda

OrangeSoda, Utah business

Jay Bean, OrangeSoda’s CEO told us the good news a few days ago: “We are very excited that OrangeSoda was named the top Startup in Utah County last night as part of the UV 50 awards. Utah Valley Business magazine researches and names the top businesses in Utah each year. This is a great achievement…

OrangeSoda News: New Partnership with Freedom Communications

Posted By: OrangeSoda

We’re excited to announce that Freedom Communications – the 12 largest media company, is partnering with OrangeSoda. The partnership means Freedom will offer OrangeSoda’s internet marketing services to their clients. Freedom is based in Irvine, California has over 100 media companies in their portfolio. Freedom’s clients include many newspapers, radio stations and Internet businesses. Some…