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Getting the Most from Paid Search

Posted By: OrangeSoda

I interviewed one of our PPC account managers, Ryan, about what makes a paid search campaign successful. Here are his answers. What are the most common misconceptions new PPC clients have? If a business has never done PPC before, than they may have ROI expectations that are not line for their competitive landscape. It’s important…

Organic Search Traffic Up

Posted By: OrangeSoda

This just in today, from “We are starting to see an increase in the number of users coming to the site through organic search. Google and MSN are running particularly strong relative to what we have seen in the past. Nice work!” Chandler Horsley, CEO of Lead Media Partners On line Degrees –

Every New Online Business Needs SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

If you’re a new business of any size, that has a web site, your business and marketing plans need to include SEO (search engine optimization). SEOMoz has a great rant about how often startups don’t even mention SEO as part of their strategy. SEO is how you make sure you’re in search engines and that…

How to Reconcile Differences in Web Stats

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Google analytics, Omniture, OrangeSoda, paid search, web analytics

This is a common question – how do you reconcile the differences in web stats. It seems like every analytics program comes up with a different number, which can be frustrating for businesses of all sizes. It’s also a problem with paid search because the numbers you see from your PPC analytics may not match…

Yelp for Local Online Business Reviews

Posted By: OrangeSoda

local business SEO

Yelp is a great site for local businesses to get feedback and improve search results for their businesses. Most local business don’t realize how powerful online reviews can be. Reputations can be ruined online by a bad review (know RipOffReport?? Just try to get a negative report off your record!). At first you might not…