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Getting Creative with Domain Names

Posted By: OrangeSoda

As of yesterday you could purchase a .me domain name. That might be just the start of a lot of domain names opening up for purchase. I recently wrote about a recommendation that ICANN, the organization that regulates domain names, open up new extensions as early as next year. This may or not be a…

Getting the Most out of SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

This post was written by Dan who is on our search engine optimization SEO team. For every 10 people writing about SEO one person might actually be doing it. Here’s some practical advice on working with your SEO to get the most out of your SEO campaign. Set expectations upfront Do you expect most of…

That's What We Twittered

Posted By: OrangeSoda

I found what I want for Christmas. Besides an OrangeSoda t-shirt with our hip new logo, I want a nerdy t-shirt that says: “That’s What She Twittered.” So if you want to give it to me, here’s where you can find it: Here’s what it looks like: When Twitter is not down, it’s a…

ICANN Recommends Expanded Domain Name Extensions

Posted By: OrangeSoda

You know how hard it is to find a decent domain name these days? Doesn’t it make you mad when someone is squatting on your favorite .com? It was six years in the making but now all chaos is soon to break out on the Internet. As soon as next year a flood of new…

Google Starts Indexing Flash Web Sites

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google news

As an SEO I often cringe when clients use extensive Flash on their web sites. Many times whoever is in charge of the web site (VP level or higher often) believe using Flash will make them seem more cutting edge and savvy. However, Flash can often hamper your efforts for be found online, and if…