alphagan As oxygen capacity of blood understand quantity О2 which communicates blood before full saturation of haemoglobin. Change of concentration of haemoglobin in blood, for example, at anemias, poisonings with poisons changes its oxygen capacity. At a birth in blood at the person higher values of oxygen capacity and concentration of haemoglobin. Saturation of blood by oxygen expresses the relation of quantity of the connected oxygen to oxygen capacity of blood, i.e. under saturation of blood О2подразумевается percent оксигемоглобина in relation to haemoglobin available in blood. In usual conditions saturation О, makes 95 - 97 %. At breath by pure oxygen saturation of blood О2достигает of 100 %, and at breath by a gas mix with the low maintenance of oxygen the saturation percent falls. At 60 - 65 % come consciousness loss. In lungs biotransformations, инактивации, детоксикации, ферментативному are exposed to splitting and concentration various biologically active substances and medical products which then are deduced from an organism. So, in lungs are exposed инактивации: ацетилхолин, норадреналин, серотонин, брадикинин, простагландины Е1, Е2, F. Angiotensin I turns in lungs to angiotensin II. buy combivent
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