Partner Program Features

Online Marketing Solutions

OrangeSoda provides their partners with personalized marketing products to fit any business or industry. Our products and services integrate seamlessly into your current product offering; you just have to choose which marketing offer fits you best. Check out the robust solutions you can provide to your clients:

Blend – Local Marketing Packages

Blend solutions are the perfect mix of online marketing tactics–search engine optimization, pay per click, and Maps optimization–to get businesses noticed online. Our Basic, Smart, and Pro packages provide options with simple and clear value, making it easy for you or your sales team to close. Check out a full list of Blend’s features.

Popsite – Website Solutions

PopSite is designed to make both robots and humans happy. Our clear, directive designs facilitate conversion and encourage customers to act, so your clients see results faster. Our search engine friendly code makes Google and Bing your clients’ new BFFs. Get real time updates for you and your clients with our full tracking suite. Check out PopSite’s full features.

À la Carte* – Customized SEM Strategies

Pick and choose your favorite online marketing solutions to create the perfect marketing mix for each business. We can provide personalized product packages when needed. Hit us up and we can talk details.

* À la Carte packages available for Enterprise partners only.

White-label Option.

Our white-label option is the easiest way for you to provide your clients with online marketing products and services in the name of your brand.

What is a white-label product?

A white-label product or service is one that is produced by one company (OrangeSoda) that other companies (you) can rebrand to make appear as if you produced it.

How we use white-label products and services

From products to services, we can do everything in the name of your brand. We create client materials, reporting, and dashboards without OrangeSoda branding, allowing you to insert your company’s brand. We can even provide account management and customer service as a representative of your company to maintain a consistent brand experience for your customers.

Why you’ll love the white-label feature

It’s a great option for your company if you want to be a one-stop shop for your customers. Your clients won’t be able to detect the difference between your in-house offering and our out-sourced services. Seamlessly create a more robust product offering without additional in-house resources.


Sales Training and Certification

Login to our Learning Management System (LMS) to learn everything you need to know to sell online marketing products like a pro.

How it works

OrangeSoda Partners are given individual access to the system, allowing you to track and monitor your progress through the curriculum. You can choose courses and resources you want to view from our database or follow suggested training plans to complete the curriculum.

The LMS provides our partners with:

  1. Search engine marketing training
  2. OrangeSoda product training
  3. Access to sales and study resources


Content repository
We regularly upload relevant documents and resources relevant to keep you up to date on all things online marketing.
Certification program
Resources are automatically made available to you when you enter the system to help you complete the certification program.
Learning options
Study at your own pace through videos, documents, webinars, live trainings, and other eLearning tools.

OS Dashboard

What’s the point of a great online marketing campaign if you can’t see how it’s doing? Our robust dashboard allows you to easily and quickly keep tabs on all your accounts, so you can focus on maintaining relationships with your clients. Monitor the following account features at a glance:


Monitoring multiple online campaigns has never been easier. With one click, you can see all the most important online stats for each of your accounts: average page rank, visitors, leads, impressions, and clickthrough rate (CTR).


Track your progress toward your commission goals. We’ve created a competitive commission structure, so you can take advantage of great percentages. Use the dashboard to set personal commission goals and monitor your growth over time.

Recent work

Want to know what your account manager has been up to? Check out the Recent Work section of your dashboard. You can see all tasks that have been completed within the last month for each of your accounts. It’s an easy way for us to stay accountable for our work and a quick way for you to see the latest updates.


View any issues that may need your attention. Alerts can be anything from the end of a campaign to a campaign renewal opportunity to a billing issue.

Don’t worry; your dedicated account manager will make sure you know how to navigate the dashboard and understand the tracking reports so the OrangeSoda dashboard can become a daily source of useful information.

Partner Program Features

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