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Effective pay per click management is the fastest way to bring ready-to-buy customers to your website. OrangeSoda pays to place your ads high on the results pages of all the major search engines.

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How PPC Works

  • OrangeSoda develops a list of keywords representing the products or services you sell.
  • Our team writes targeted ads matching those keywords and uploads the ads, keyword lists, and bid prices to the major search engines.
  • Your ads appear in the sponsored links sections when a potential customer performs a search using those keywords.
  • Searchers click on your ads and are directed to the most relevant page of your website, where you can captivate them with a great offer and turn them into a paying customer.

Presto! Just like that, OrangeSoda's PPC services transform your website into a powerful sales tool.

PPC has the best tracking capability of any form of marketing today. With our integrated reporting system, you can see information for all the major search engine PPC programs, track where your visitors are coming from, what they do once they get to your site, and which visits convert into actual sales. Of course, we turn around and do the most responsible thing we can with the data – make your pay per click campaign even more efficient.

PPC is a simple idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to execute.

A successful campaign requires constant keyword management, keyword selection, ad placement and scheduling, bid management, and more. So leave the pay per click management to OrangeSoda. We take the guesswork out of PPC so you can focus on what really matters—running your business. Whether you’re a local retailer or a national advertiser, we’ll create and implement a successful PPC campaign for your business. It won’t be long before the customers are knocking at your door.