Tips for Promoting Your Website

Here are some basic ways to build your website’s credibility and relevancy, so that search engines such as Google will see your business as trustworthy. While online marketing can be complex and seem intimidating, there are some easy steps you can follow to better promote your website.

Keep it simple

The best websites are easy to navigate, with a clear purpose. The best way to become relevant to search engines is to have text that is easy to read and understand. Your website should be structured in such a way that it makes sense to users.

Build credibility

A website without links pointing to it is useless. If you’re a local business, optimize your Google+ Local page and other online directories. Make sure to include all the information that’s asked of you. Put up pictures, write descriptions, and provide your web address.

Get social

Once you are confident that your website design will attract readers, convert potential customers, and intrigue enthusiasts, then you can tell people about it. This will include sharing your website via social networks, getting referral links from other great websites, and building a community of followers. After you share your website, keep up your social networking by sharing interesting facts, tips, or infographics related to your business. If you have information that’s useful, then people will naturally want to share it.


Be the type of business that interacts with customers and followers in a positive and informative way. Start a blog and encourage followers to ask questions. Give more in-depth tips, tell stories about your business, and as always, link back to your website.

Website promotion includes actively promoting great content. When this is your focus, the search engines will reward you. Take a look at the websites at the top of the search engine results page. Likely, the reason they rank so high is that they are an authority in their industry, with content that is useful to searchers.