Shocker: study shows shoppers going online this season

24 Oct 2012 | written by Derek Miner for the internet marketing section(s)

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Shocker: study shows shoppers going online this season

Recently, our proud new parent company conducted a study showing that 77% of consumers shop for holiday gifts online. The other 23% probably just didn’t understand the question. You can read the full study over at Deluxe. As a result of all this great new research, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by 16 radio stations this morning from across the country (yes, 16!). So look forward to some of my tips for small businesses. Stay tuned.

Derek Miner
Derek is one of the founders of OrangeSoda, and he has built the sales team from the ground up, helping OrangeSoda become one of Utah’s fastest growing and most successful companies. Derek received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, and as a native Utahn, he loves skiing and the outdoors. Derek is also our resident Bottle Rocker (see his crazy skills in our infamous video here).

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