The ROI of Marketing


Investing in online marketing is a big deal for any small business. After all, marketing can be expensive. But it’s also the best way to get people to find out about your products and services. Here are just a few ways to get your ROI with online marketing.

Brand Recognition

You want to focus on building your brand. Consider for a second what you think of when you hear the following brand names: Coke, Doritos, Nike, Verizon, etc. You probably immediately think of friendly polar bears offering you a delicious treat, funny super bowl commercials, motivation to go out and exercise, and a map that covers all of the United States, not just some of it. That’s the power of brand recognition and something you can accomplish with online marketing. Online marketing helps you build your brand in such a way that when people come across your ad, they recognize and understand what you are selling (and maybe get warm fuzzies in the meantime).

Become an Industry Expert

Not only do you want your brand to be recognizable, you also want to be known as an industry expert. One way to do this is by building a solid content marketing and social media marketing strategy—both things we can help you with here at OrangeSoda.

Customer Acquisition

Another way you get your ROI through online marketing is through customer acquisition. It’s highly measurable. You may invest a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars, into marketing each month, but when that investment turns into repeat customers, you know you’ve done your job.

These are just a few ways you get your return on investment with online marketing. For more information, call us today at OrangeSoda. We will help you build a quality online marketing strategy.


Ashley R. Cummings
Ashley recently graduated with her Master of Arts from Brigham Young University, and now works as a content writer at OrangeSoda. When she is not clacking away at the keyboard, you can find her tearing up the ski slopes, writing poetry, and traveling to and from Russia. And, no, she is not a spy (so far as we know).

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