5 Reasons Why Visitors Might Hate Your Website and Some Easy Fixes

12 May 2014 | written by Elizabeth Baier for the website promotion section(s)


Ahhh, the World Wide Web. What a wonderful place! A place where you can get answers to your most pressing questions in less than one second. A place where you can find services when you need them last minute and a place that you can shop in your pajamas while lying on the couch. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a website for your business already, you are far behind the times and it’s time to get with it. (We can help you with that!)

Even though you have a website and it’s functional doesn’t mean your customers love visiting or using your website. In fact, they might love your services but hate your site. Here are some reasons why your website could be turning customers away and people might secretly (or not so secretly) hate it. We also included some suggestions for easy fixes. Read On


How to Acquire and Keep New Clients

9 May 2014 | written by Elizabeth Baier for the Small Business Tips section(s)

How to aquire and keep new clients

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, every corporation depends on revenue from a consistent stream of new clients. Once you acquire these clients, you need to find ways to keep these clients for as long as possible.

Acquiring new clients is distinctively important if your business is more of a once-in-a-while service industry, such as plumbing or electrical work. There are dozens of theories, techniques, and opinions about acquiring new clients, but there’s really no set of rules to teach you the art and guarantee success.

We’ve narrowed down a few points you can use to evaluate your business and decide if you need to make tweaks in order to increase profits and expand your clientele. Read On


How to Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Promote Your Business

How to Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Promote Your Business

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful sources of marketing out there. This is because we generally trust the word of our family, friends, colleges, and even random voices on the Internet over a paid advertisement. While it may be difficult, as an advertiser, to get people to tell there friends and family about your products and/or services, it’s not impossible. In fact, the Internet has provided a few ways to make word-of-mouth marketing easier. Here are a few ways to promote your business through word-of-mouth marketing via the Internet.

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10 Tools to Coordinate Your Online Marketing Efforts

5 May 2014 | written by Samantha Karren for the internet marketing, online marketing, SEO, Social Networking, website promotion section(s)

10 Tools to Coordinate Your Online Marketing Efforts

Your marketing strategy should be two-fold: bringing in new traffic and encouraging return customers. The tricky part is you need different tools to focus on new customers and loyal customers. The good news is these tools can overlap and are easy to manage with the help of online marketing experts. To start, ask yourself these questions:

  • Which is my priority, new customers or return customers?
  • What is my monthly budget to invest in SEO, SEM, PPC, and online marketing tools?
  • How many different marketing tools can I utilize through a single online marketing company?

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Should You Invest in New Technology for Your Business?

1 May 2014 | written by Samantha Karren for the Mobile Web, PPC, SEO, Small Business Tips, Social Networking section(s)


No, we’re not talking about investing in the stock market. We’re talking about new marketing technology that can help your business bring in more customers and ultimately increase your bottom line. Sound like the answer is an obvious “Yes!”? Before you jump on the wagon of the latest and trendiest technology, make sure it’s the right tool for your business. Here are some marketing technologies that will actually help you see an increase in traffic and revenue. Read On


Building a New Keyword Mentality

29 Apr 2014 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO section(s)

Building a New Keyword Mentality

Here’s the skinny on keywords. Keywords rock. They help you target a specific market. They help you accurately define what your business is all about. They help tell Google, and other popular search engines, how to rank your website, and where to place your ads. Keywords are a good thing. However, keyword research shouldn’t be the sole focus of your Internet marketing strategy, or even the main focus. In fact, when you’re too keyword focused, it can lure your good intentioned soul into the world of black-hat SEO practices and tempt you to engage in them. Instead of focusing on keywords, here are some alternatives.

Focus on your Target Audience

Instead of worrying about generating the perfect keyword list, take some time (and I mean a lot of time) to consider your audience. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they like?
  • Where do they search?
  • What do they buy?
  • How old are they?
  • Do they use mobile devices?
  • Do they search online?
  • Have they purchased online before?

Of course there are other questions to ask, but the point of this example is to get you thinking about whom you are marketing to, instead of thinking about keywords that describe your business well. The more you understand your target audience, the easier it will be to generate an excellent list of keywords that is focused on searchers, rather than just descriptive of your products and services. Read On


Learn to Embrace Matt Cutts’ SEO Ideologies and Live Happily Ever After

25 Apr 2014 | written by Samantha Karren for the Fun Stuff, internet marketing, online marketing, SEO section(s)

How to Win the Heart of Google

Is Matt Cutts your ally or foe? Do you feel like Google is constantly hunting your site for spammy practices? If you want to ride into the horizon on a white horse (and maybe even get the girl), then it’s time to make Google your friend. Here’s how.

Matt Cutts Inigo Montoya

Are You the Villain?

Matt is not exactly a vigilante, but he did set out (like so many others) to right a wrong with nothing but a healthy dose of righteous indignation and his weapon of choice (most prefer a sword). One way to tell whether you are on the good side of white-hat SEO or not is to put yourself into this fairytale. Read On


Is PPC Right for My Business?

23 Apr 2014 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the PPC section(s)

PPC for Business

One of the best ways to draw traffic to your website is through online advertising. However, the type of advertising that may work best for your small business may not be the same type of advertising that works for your friend’s small business. There really is no one size fits all solution to online advertising, so it can be tricky to understand which advertising avenue works best for your business. There are all sorts of online advertising options including SEO, SEM/PPC, Maps, content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and more. This article will address the benefits of PPC and how to tell if it’s an advertising option that is right for your business. Here are some things to look for to help you determine if PPC is the right strategy for you. Read On


Everything You Need to Know About Redirects

21 Apr 2014 | written by Alex Harisay for the Other, SEO section(s)

everything you need to know about redirects

Redirects are just one small slice of the SEO pie, but they can be a fairly important slice. It’s one small change that could do a lot for the user’s experience and your ranking.

One note up front: this article will only cover 301 redirects (that, is “permanently moved”) because they’re the most commonly used. Additionally, it will only make use of .htaccess on an Apache server and a few alternative methods. It will not cover setting up redirects on any version of IIS servers since they’re far less popular and a little too complicated for an article of this scope. If you’re not sure what kind of server your site is on, plug the URL into builtwith.com. All your server information should be at the top of the results page. If it says Apache, you’re good to go, so read on! Read On


SEO Focus: Onsite or Offsite?

17 Apr 2014 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO section(s)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely a large piece of the search engine marketing pie and can take up a lot of time, energy, and money. If you’re new to the online marketing world and interested in growing your website in the organic search results of Google and Bing, you probably have spent some time investigating various SEO practices—both onsite and offsite. You’ve also probably come to learn that optimizing your website is a large endeavor and it’s difficult to really know where to invest your time. This begs the question “where should I focus my efforts—onsite or offsite?” The answer to that question is both! Here’s a quick breakdown of what onsite and offsite optimization includes and why they are both important. Read On