OrangeSoda Offers SEO to Newspapers

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Local newspapers are now partnering with companies like OrangeSoda to sell SEO services to their advertisers. This was just covered in Search Engine Land by Small Business Marketing Blog author Matt McGee. The word is out – OrangeSoda is partnering with GannettLocal a division of the largest US newspaper publisher Gannett Co. They are serving the Phoenix, Arizona market to offer their clients online marketing services.

We offer local advertising solutions like paid search, SEO and Google Maps optimization to literally help put advertisers “on the map” online.

The other news is that McClatchy Newspapers has partnered with WebVisible to offer similar services to their advertisers. It’s a good match – local advertisers, newspapers and SEO.

From GannetLocal: Thousands of searches are being conducted for local goods and services each day, from Chandler to Glendale, from Scottsdale to Surprise. We help you show up in all the most important places:

  • High in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing, the three most used search engines on the web
  • In Google Local—the map you see when you search for “pizza in Scottsdale,” with the top 10 most popular highlighted in bright red push pins
  • On—Arizona’s homepage and the largest website in the state, with over half a million visitors each week. Your info will also appear on dozens of other important directories where people are searching for your services.

We particularly like this from Greg Sterling “One question is whether the local newspaper will be “trusted” or perceived as more credible by local businesses. OrangeSoda has a very strong reputation for SEO services and so the SEO core of the Gannett Local product could be effective.”

We all know that newspapers for the most part are hurting because of lost ad revenue. This might be a way for them to raise revenue and expand what they can offer their customers. The numbers are painful to read and the bleeding hasn’t stopped. Want to see what I mean? This site called Paper Cuts (@NewsCuts on Twitter) documents the job losses and layoffs in the industry.

Pew’s Excellence in Journalism reports declining readership and revenues for newspapers: “In the past year newspapers, including online, saw revenues from ads fall 26%. Over the past three years the total loss has been 43%.”

At the same time, traffic to newspaper web sites are up to record numbers. They reported 2 Billion Page Views in the top 25 markets in April. Trust is especially high for local newspaper websites. They ranked first among all sources for trustworthiness, credibility and being the most informative place to find local content.

As a huge fan of newspapers (I call myself Newspapergrl) and SEO. I hope SEO can help save newspapers. It’s great to see OrangeSoda be part of that.