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9 Jul 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the internet marketing, online marketing, Social Networking section(s)


It’s easy to get stuck in an online marketing rut with your marketing team. After suggesting the same idea for the hundredth time, everyone has probably asked, “How can we think outside the box and get killer, new marketing ideas?” One great way to do this is to participate in the online marketing community, but that poses the question, “What is the best online marketing community?” Here are just a few ideas of places you can visit to learn from other bright marketing minds.

Check Out Online Marketing Blogs

One of the best ways to keep it real is to regularly participate on popular online marketing blogs. Check out what’s happening daily on, Search Engine Land, SEO Round Table, and more. Not only will you glean fresh insight from knowledgeable bloggers, but you can build relationships by reading comments and adding your own.


Another great way to participate in the online marketing community is to check out marketing forums. Join a forum like Warrior Forum, Quora, or Neowin. Marketers are constantly posting interesting new topics to help people share ideas.


Joining social media groups is another great way to connect with professionals in the industry. One of the best social media sites for marketing professionals is LinkedIn. There are various marketing groups that will help keep you connected. Consider changing your LinkedIn settings to receive an e-mail notification every time someone posts a new comment in the group. Participating in groups will help keep you in the loop and offer interesting new ideas to help you better promote your business.

Ashley R. Cummings
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