How to Measure the Success of a PPC Campaign

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If you are involved in any service- or product-based industry, you’ve probably been exposed to some type of PPC (pay per click) advertising. PPC advertising is a great way to get targeted online traffic, but how do you know if those clicks are turning into business? Here are a few steps to follow to measure the success of your PPC campaign.

1. Define your goals

Before you even start your PPC campaign, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. For example, how much are you willing to spend? How much is a new customer worth to you? How many new leads do you need to offset the costs of your ad campaign? Clearly defining the answers to these questions will help set the standard to measure your success.

2. Track your progress

Once you have successfully defined your goals for your PPC campaign, it’s absolutely vital to track your progress. Tracking your campaign with proper analytics tools will help you understand which keywords are performing well and which ones are not. If you don’t track your progress, you won’t know how to optimize your campaigns and will end up throwing away a lot of money.

3. Make adjustments

Once you understand which keywords are performing and which ones are not, you can fine tune your campaign. Making adjustments allows you spend more on keywords that create leads and minimize time and money spent on low-performing keywords.

4. Track leads that come in other varieties

When tracking your progress, remember that not all online leads will be from your PPC campaigns. For example, if someone new calls your sales and service department, ask them how they found out about you. If they found out about you from an Internet ad, count that as a PPC conversion.

5. Consult with a professional

Keep in mind, it’s easy to lose a lot of money with a PPC campaign if you’re not sure what to look for or how to accurately track your campaign. For expert help with paid search management, contact a professional at OrangeSoda.