Holiday hours

22 Dec 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the OrangeSoda News section(s)

Heads up gang, here’s the low down on our holiday hours.

On Dec 23 2010 we will be in the office from 8 AM to midnight, like usual.
Then Friday and Saturday (Dec 24th and 25th) we will be closed, as well as Sunday.

As for next week (December 27th to the 31st) we will be open Fri from 8 AM until 8 PM, then Sat 10 AM to midnight.

If you’re feeling lonely after Christmas feel free to give our customer service reps a call. They especially love funny stories about cats.

Dan Garfield
From the world of startups, Dan Garfield is the Senior Brand Manager at OrangeSoda, and author of The 5 Stages of Online Marketing. P.S. He's beat Super Mario Bros 3 without using a warp whistle.

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