Hashtags Could Change your Life in 2014

3 Feb 2014 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the internet marketing, Mobile Web, Social Networking section(s)


If you’re a business owner, the main purpose of using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to get more people to interact with your brand. There are a lot of ways to do that, including posting hilarious content, hosting a giveaway, showcasing a product, and more. But there is one thing you should be doing all the time, and that is using hashtags. Hashtags are a big deal in social search and using them is easy. Here’s a a quick review of some basic rules for using hashtags and why they’re so important.

Rules for Using Hashtags

Make It a Habit

Using hashtags was once just a nice way to help people find your posts, but now they’re almost a necessity if you want your post to be found. In fact, you can now even enter a hashtag into Google, and Google will return a list of different feeds organized by hashtag topic. Traffic you didn’t even know was there, right?

Add a Hashtag to Every Post

Hashtag everything you post. But don’t overdo it. One hashtag per post is good enough.

Treat Hashtags Like Keywords

Hashtags play the same role in social search that keywords play in search marketing. In other words, take hashtag research as seriously as you would keyword research.

Keep ‘em Short

You’ve probably seen those hashtags that are long and difficult to read. When you click on these hashtags, you”ll usually find only one post exists in that category. That’s people just trying to be funny. But remember the purpose of hashtags is not to be clever; the purpose is to help people find you. Think #OrangeSoda.

Ashley R. Cummings
Ashley recently graduated with her Master of Arts from Brigham Young University, and now works as a content writer at OrangeSoda. When she is not clacking away at the keyboard, you can find her tearing up the ski slopes, writing poetry, and traveling to and from Russia. And, no, she is not a spy (so far as we know).


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