Google Places and CitrusBlast

2 Nov 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the Google News, internet marketing, Local Maps, Mobile Web, OrangeSoda News section(s)

Google Places and CitrusBlast

This week, Google announced some new changes to improve local search and promote Maps listings. Well, that sits just perfectly with us. Here at OrangeSoda, we’ve been offering organic search optimization for four years and local optimization for nearly two years. Google Places marks an important change that will bring those two things together and—just in time—we’re announcing CitrusBlast, the best of both worlds.

Introducing CitrusBlast

To help small businesses get ahead, we’re offering a complete package to take care of all the hard stuff. We start off by creating a local optimized microsite, which acts as a sort of internet billboard for the local business owner. It’s designed specifically for every business to drive customers. We then mix in our experience with maps optimization and organic search optimization to help businesses show up in local searches.

CitrusBlast even includes a mobile version of the custom microsite to take advantage of all those beautiful mobile searchers out there. With 50% of connections to the internet coming from mobile devices, it’s more important than ever for every local business to cater to those customers. CitrusBlast makes it easy.

It means more customers

Everyone always wants to talk about “presence” and “impressions,” but we want to talk about customers. CitrusBlast is the easiest way for local businesses to get online and get those customers. Have a website? Great! Don’t have a website? That’s okay, too. We’ll handle it.

Dan Garfield
From the world of startups, Dan Garfield is the Senior Brand Manager at OrangeSoda, and author of The 5 Stages of Online Marketing. P.S. He's beat Super Mario Bros 3 without using a warp whistle.


  • Cynthia Fairfax |   Nov 15th, 2010 at 1:01 am

    I have a website that has been up for some time and have made zero sales. I have marketed on facebook twice and on twitter once. On facebook it showed close to one million people going to the site but no purchases. Something is wrong with that. This is my second website, and I am at the point of closing it down. It appears everyone is making money but myself. I have money going out to pay for the site, but I have not realized any income coming in. What should I do spend more money?
    Cynthia Fairfax

  • Dan Garfield |   Mar 16th, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Hey Nick, thanks for pointing out the broken link. We’ve been busy moving some pages around and launching our new product blend. This included retiring CitrusBlast. Anyway, all is well now. Let us know if you see any other issues.


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