Google Analytics Finally in AdWords

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Have you been hesitant to link your AdWords and Analytics accounts together? If you are a heavy AdWords user and don’t go into Analytics often, there may not have been much incentive to link the two together. However, Google has recently started to allow AdWords accounts to import three important metrics from Analytics: Bounce Rate, Pages/Visit, and Avg. Visit Duration.

These three metrics are important because they finally let you peek behind the curtain and see user engagement after a click. This is big. Before, in AdWords, you could only see if users converted or not, but now you can see if they came in with the wrong expectations (high bounce rate, low time on site) or if they just couldn’t navigate your site (high pages/visit and high avg. time on site). With this information, you can better understand user intent. These metrics are available at every level including Campaign, Ad Group, Ad, and Keyword.

You will already have historical data if you have Google AdWords and Analytics linked with auto-tagging on. If you don’t, then you need to get your accounts linked up ASAP. If you need help linking accounts, Google has provided detailed instructions on how to see Google Analytics data in AdWords here.

Have you been able to use these new columns to help you analyze your accounts? Let me know below.