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2 Jan 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Local Maps section(s)


Isn’t it amazing how far we have come since the days of advertising in phonebooks and newspapers? Not to say there isn’t a place in this world for print marketing, but how cool are all the emerging internet tools that help us distribute information? Not only does internet marketing make it easy for consumers to find information, but it also gives businesses tools that help them connect with their clients on a personal level.

One such tool is Google + Local, and everyone involved in local search marketing can utilize this tool to offer personalized service to their customers. Here are a few advantages to using Google+ Local as part of your marketing strategy:

Build Your Brand.

Google+ Local lets you build your brand through Google’s own free social network. One great way to build your brand is to post photos and videos to your account. You can make your photos and videos interesting, fun, and informative. If done correctly, customers will fall in love with your brand. Feel free to get creative with all the tools Google+ Local offers to help you expand your Google+ reach.

Get Reviews and Ratings.

Google+ Local teamed up with Zagat and offers an excellent 30-point rating and review system for customers. After a great experience with your business, anyone can rate and/or review your business. Pleased customers will recommend your great products and services to their friends and family.

Provide Great Customer Service.

On Google+ Local, you can carry on an ongoing positive relationship with your clients. You can nurture this relationship by updating your daily activity and responding to activity posted by your clients. Don’t hesitate to let your customers know about fun promotions, company updates, and how much you appreciate them. Google+ Local is a great way to offer excellent customer service.

Google+ Local is the way to go. If you’re looking for some free local search marketing benefits, sign up for Google’s own social platform today.

Ashley R. Cummings
Ashley recently graduated with her Master of Arts from Brigham Young University, and now works as a content writer at OrangeSoda. When she is not clacking away at the keyboard, you can find her tearing up the ski slopes, writing poetry, and traveling to and from Russia. And, no, she is not a spy (so far as we know).

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