Facebook is Keeping it Fresh!

8 Mar 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Social Networking, website promotion section(s)

Facebook New Look

It seems the leaders of each prominent social media platform are playing a competitive game of keeping up with the Joneses, and they’re all playing hard. I recently posted about all the cool updates on Google+, and, as it turns out, Facebook is not far behind when it comes to keeping it fresh. Facebook is slowly rolling out some new features that make users’ Facebook experiences even more dynamic. Check out some of the Facebook updates to the new news feed.

Visually enhanced

Facebook’s new news feed will amplify photos and rich media for viewer pleasure. Since photos and rich media will be at the top of the Facebook game, brands now need to place significant focus on creating visually engaging content.

User choice

Users will be able to pick which news feed they want to explore every time they log in to Facebook. It’s important to note that since users can now choose their news feed, business pages may not have the same visibility they once enjoyed. This will present a new challenge to brands to create competitive and attention-grabbing content.


The new news feed will share the same features across desktop, mobile and tablet.

These new updates cater to the user, but also present some challenges to online marketers. Now, more than ever, marketers will need to generate content that is engaging, visually stimulating, and optimized for rich media.

Click here to learn more, and to join the waiting list for Facebook’s new news feed.

Ashley R. Cummings
Ashley recently graduated with her Master of Arts from Brigham Young University, and now works as a content writer at OrangeSoda. When she is not clacking away at the keyboard, you can find her tearing up the ski slopes, writing poetry, and traveling to and from Russia. And, no, she is not a spy (so far as we know).

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