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What Do Good SEO Service Providers Offer?

16 Oct 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO, Small Business Tips section(s)


You’ve finally made the commitment to invest in online marketing, but you may be wondering what qualities you should look for in a professional SEO company like OrangeSoda. That’s a great question and one to take very seriously, especially since there are a lot of SEO companies that rely on old tactics and tricks to try and boost your website in search results. When selecting an online marketing company, here are some things they should absolutely offer. Read On


The Poor Man’s Guide to Creating an Editorial Calendar

30 Sep 2013 | written by Cari Thompson for the SEO, Small Business Tips section(s)


In case you haven’t been paying attention, effective SEO is all about having great, current content on your site. The easiest way to up your content marketing game is to get new content posted on the regular through your blog. All you have to do is come up with tons of blog post ideas and publish them at the most relevant times during the year. Simple enough, right? Not really. Read On


Top 5 SEO Plugins

27 Sep 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO section(s)


Is SEO dead? This seems to be a hot topic these days. Should SEO professionals hang up their Internet marketing towels and look for new jobs? The answer to that question is yes and no. It all depends on the adaptability of the SEO expert and their ability to keep their strategy current with Google’s latest updates. Read On


What Search Volume Means for Your Online Marketing Strategy

16 Sep 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO section(s)


Determining which keywords to target for your online marketing campaigns is (dare I say) one of the most important parts of your online marketing strategy and shouldn’t be passed off as a simple task or taken lightly. The reason keyword research is so important is because Google, and other big search engines, sort through your content and list your website in the search results based on relevancy. In fact, Google is all about relevancy. This means if you want a competent SEO strategy, you better plan on investing in a strategy that pleases Google’s dedication to relevancy. That being said, you may wonder how keywords with high search volume play into your online marketing strategy. Read On


5 Steps to Writing Content for Your Target Audience

11 Sep 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO, Small Business Tips section(s)


Writing content is definitely not easy. For some people, it can bring back traumatizing memories of high school or college writing course of pulling out hair and staring at a blank page. Thankfully, while it can be difficult to generate content that resonates with your readers, there are a few steps you can follow to make the writing process much easier. Read On


How Does Search Marketing Work?

5 Sep 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the internet marketing, SEO section(s)


If you own a website for your business, you’ve probably looked into some type of Internet-marketing solutions to help you find customers. During your pursuit, you may have come across a gaggle of acronyms like SEM, SEO, PPC, which may pose not only the question, “What do those acronyms even mean,” but also, “How does all this search marketing stuff actually work?” You’re definitely not alone. See why it’s a good idea to jump on board with a search engine marketing firm like OrangeSoda. Read On


The Biggest Internet-Marketing Mistakes Newbies Make

3 Sep 2013 | written by Dan Garfield for the SEO section(s)

BIggestMistakes copy

Instead of hiring someone to handle your internet marketing, you’ve decided to set out on your own. That’s not a mistake, but it is ambitious. Here are a few Internet-marketing mistakes that new-comers make all the time. Read On


5 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

30 Aug 2013 | written by Dan Garfield for the SEO section(s)

5SEOTips-SmallBiz copy

The world of SEO is so large that, for small business owners, it can be really confusing when deciding where you should invest your time. Sure, you could send 100,000 emails asking people for links to your website, but is that really the best use of your time? No fret, here are five SEO tips to help you start promoting your business. Read On


5 of the Most Missed SEO Tips for Websites

28 Aug 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the SEO, Small Business Tips section(s)

5 SEOTips

Participating in legitimate SEO practices is one of the best ways to get noticed by top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. But some online marketers are missing out on some of the easiest SEO strategies. Take a moment to review the following 5 SEO tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your SEO optimization strategy. Read On


3 Reasons You Should Use SEO Experts

27 Aug 2013 | written by Kevin Wunder for the SEO, Small Business Tips section(s)

SEO-Experts copy

The search world is ever changing. We’ve probably all heard the stats before that Google considers 200+ factors when determining a search result and the algorithm that makes that determination changes between 500-600 times each year. Some updates are more significant than others, but all changes are made to provide the best search result possible. Read On