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Does Your Marketing Have Bulge?

Two things I spend a lot of my time doing are exercising and online marketing. Although they aren’t related activities there are a lot of commonalities. For example both take planning, commitment and knowledge. Going to the gym to for an hour a week isn’t going to keep that whole pizza off your gut, thighs,…

PPC Lessons in the NYC Subway

I recently took a trip to New York City. The monotonous color scheme of the city in the Winter made it easy to pass by shops and pay no attention to what they actually were. Naturally, the trip offered some exceptional metaphors of online advertising basics.

Tracking into oblivion

Tracking PPC data has been on my mind so much lately that I can hardly think about anything else. I know you have likely read many blog posts about tracking data and how important it is. The reason there are so many people writing about it is because companies aren’t doing it! Not tracking your…

Display Network: Friend or Foe?

If used incorrectly, Google’s display network can be a huge headache to any pay-per-click search campaign. However, it also provides a vast market that compliments a search based marketing campaign. From the available features and tools currently used or beta, small business owners should be utilizing what it has to offer.

Consider Your Audience & Save Excedrin

Internet marketers often put their entire efforts into getting a sale. They want the shortest path and easiest way for people to click on that oh so tempting “buy now” button. But sometimes you have to step back and reevaluate the way you approach customers. There might just be a better way. Especially with Facebook.

Optimizing for the Holidays Workshop Nov 10

With the holiday season just around the corner, we put together this free workshop to help teach local entrepreneurs how to efficiently manage their pay-per-click ads for the holidays.  So put down the holiday fruitcake and come fill up on marketing knowledge for your business.  (We promise it will taste better.)  Here are the details:…

The Most Important PPC Report

Pay-per-click marketing is a very effective way to reach your customers in droves. Its important to remember that each click is paid for out of someone’s pocket. I go to great lengths to make sure that my clients money is spent as effectively as possible. There are few factors that determine effective spending but for…

Facebook Pay-Per-Click

I have been a Facebook user for a few years, along with over 300 million other people. From a marketer’s point of view I really like the idea of such a captive audience. Currently, PPC on Facebook is not scalable but they are working pretty quickly to make it that way for professionals or agencies….

Six Local PPC Marketing Tips

Using PPC to turn a local online shopper into a customer can be daunting to a local business owner. Thankfully search engines have made competing locally much easier in the past few years. They’ve added several targeting options that help ensure only local audiences see the ads.Targeting locally can be done on a smaller budget…