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Google Takes Action on Guest Blogging Communities

20 Mar 2014 | written by Charlie Gray for the internet marketing, local internet marketing, Local Maps, online marketing, OrangeSoda News, PPC, SEO, Small Business Tips section(s)


Yesterday, Google announced that they took action on a guest blogging community. This strategy has been viewed as a white-hat tactic for years and is now being deemed as spammy by Google’s Webspam team. OrangeSoda has not leveraged this network. While we have leveraged guest blog posting strategies, we have stayed within Google Guidelines. As always, we adjust all of our marketing strategies to enhance performance and limit risk.

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The Three Keys You Need to Mobilize Innovation in the Workplace

14 Mar 2014 | written by Todd Leeloy for the internet marketing, OrangeSoda News, Small Business Tips section(s)


As the manager of a company in an industry in constant flux, it is important that I keep my employees consistent in one area: innovation. And I guess I’m not alone; 61% of CEOs say innovation is a primary focus of their business.

The Harvard Business Review published a feature in January based on work by Luma Institute that identified 36 methods for innovation. The methods fall under 3 overarching principles:

  • 1. Looking
  • 2. Understanding
  • 3. Making

While innovation is often spontaneous, chaotic, and unexpected, you can create an environment to cultivate ideas, and you need to have a process to implement them, which is what we’ve tried to create at OrangeSoda.

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OrangeSoda in the News: Talking about Mobile-Optimized Websites

13 Jan 2014 | written by Kyler Dalton for the Mobile Web, online marketing, OrangeSoda News, Small Business Tips section(s)


Have you heard? We’re famous! Just kidding. (Sort of.) OrangeSoda was in the news.

A New York Times journalist recently sat down with OrangeSoda’s general manager, Todd Leeloy, to talk about the importance of having a mobile-optimized website, which is an essential component of every online marketing strategy. It’s a great read, even if you’re already up to speed in the industry.

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OrangeSoda on KUTV News

12 Nov 2013 | written by Cari Thompson for the OrangeSoda News section(s)

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means … shopping! Our own Derek Miner, one of OrangeSoda’s co-founder, was featured on Utah’s local news to talk about how important it is for local businesses to have an online presence to bring in holiday shoppers. Check it out!



OrangeSoda Launches the SodaCannes Awards

18 Sep 2013 | written by Cari Thompson for the Events, OrangeSoda News section(s)


The time has come! OrangeSoda has launched the inaugural SodaCannes Awards. SodaCannes gives you the power to recognize the best advertising, public relations, media relations, and social media agencies across the country. To get in on the action, all you have to do is “like” OrangeSoda on Facebook, and start voting. Read On


OrangeSoda Receives Awards for Growth

18 Oct 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the OrangeSoda News section(s)

MWCN awards

We celebrated our sixth birthday by accepting some awards from Mountain West Capital Network. OrangeSoda received an award for fastest growing business in Utah County, and eighth fastest growing business in Utah. Awards were given based on percentage growth in revenue between 2007 and 2011.

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Deconstructing Pandas and Penguins

12 Jun 2012 | written by Eli Adams for the Google News, OrangeSoda News, SEO section(s)


Anyone who follows the SEO world knows that Google makes changes to their search algorithm quite often. Google posted a video about search algorithm improvements that stated that Google implements over 500 improvements to its algorithm each year. That’s more than one improvement per day. Many of these changes happen without the general public knowing and without a significant effect on the online marketing world. These changes are the reason why we see differences in what shows up on the search engine results page from day-to-day.

Recently, Google has publicly announced two very large algorithm changes. These changes, known as Panda and Penguin, caused quite a bit of buzz in the online marketing world. Read On


OrangeSoda Acquired by Deluxe Corp.

7 Jun 2012 | written by Greg Peterson, President and COO of OrangeSoda for the OrangeSoda News section(s)


I don’t often write blog posts, but when I do it’s because we have great news. Over the last year and a half a lot of companies have taken an interest in buying us, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve found a perfect company to fit the bill. They have everything we’re looking for:

  • They want to grow OrangeSoda
  • They have a complementary business offering
  • Their checks don’t bounce

With Deluxe as our parent company, we’re prepped and ready to continue our astronomical growth. Our sales have grown 30% in the last year alone, and everyone here at OrangeSoda is excited for the opportunities that Deluxe will provide us. OrangeSoda and Deluxe are both looking forward to helping each other grow, and both companies are committed to create the best online marketing products possible.

I want to thank all our wonderful OrangeSoda customers. You guys make our jobs possible, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you’re successful. You can find a copy of our press release after the bump. Read On


OrangeSoda Launches PageInk to Help Businesses Get More out of Facebook

30 May 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the OrangeSoda News section(s)

Facebook page creation tool PageInk

Today we’re happy to announce the release of a new Facebook Page creation tool: PageInk, which runs for $49.99 a month. PageInk enables small to medium-sized business owners to enhance their Facebook presence with eye-catching designs for pages in the form of promotions, coupons, contests, polls, and more. With the help of PageInk, businesses can gain new customers, encourage return business, build their brand, and get people talking about their business. Read On


The announcement of our new product: Blend.

14 Mar 2012 | written by Dan Garfield for the OrangeSoda News section(s)


We’re really excited to formally announce our new advertising packages for local businesses. Check out the Blend product page to learn more, or hit up the full press release after the bump. Read On