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The Secret to Using QR Codes Effectively

13 Sep 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the online marketing, web site marketing strategies section(s)


It’s definitely difficult to decide where and how to best spend your precious advertising budget. You may find yourself asking what portion of your budget should go to online marketing vs. how much should be invested in traditional print marketing. What if I were to tell you there was a seemingly magical way to combine both types of advertising in order to maximize your advertising budget? That’s right! Including QR codes on print materials is the perfect way to combine offline advertising with online marketing. Read On


SEO and Google Business Photos

15 Jul 2013 | written by Kyler Dalton for the local internet marketing, Local Maps, online marketing section(s)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is always changing. Ever-changing algorithms nudge business owners into thinking more about marketing as a whole instead of focusing only on a single keyword ranking. Here are a couple quick wins for owning more of the search engine results real estate. Read On


Fun Online Promotion Ideas


Is your online marketing strategy getting old and boring? We all fall victim to sticking to what we know, following a daily routine, or thinking inside the box. The trick is to find ways to spice up online marketing efforts to see better results. Here are 5 crazy online promotion ideas that may help you revive your campaigns. Read On


What You Must Know for Local SEO

14 Jun 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the local internet marketing, Local Maps, SEO section(s)


If most of your customers are located near your brick-and-mortar business, then you have probably considered conducting local SEO campaigns. When you have a local business, local SEO is the best way to utilize your internet advertising budget. Whether you run your campaign through an online advertising agency like OrangeSoda or you do your own SEO, there are a few things you must do in order to make the most of your advertising budget. Read On


Why Link Building is so Important

28 May 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the web site marketing strategies, website promotion section(s)


While onsite optimization plays a huge role in the success of your SEO campaign, it’s equally as important to promote your site on websites across the Internet. One great way to do this is to encourage quality links to your website. Here are just a few ways quality links will benefit you. Read On


The Basics of Local Optimization


Local optimization is one of the best ways to bring customers into your business. Optimizing for local search, like Google MAPS, is the perfect way to find customers in your area. Like any internet optimization technique, there are a series of important strategies to follow in order to see the best results possible. If you consult with an SEO professional, here are the most common suggestions they make: Read On


Make Online Checkout Easier

9 Jan 2013 | written by Dan Garfield for the web site marketing strategies section(s)


The online checkout process should be very familiar to all of us by now, and yet every site seems to have their own methods and ideas for how the checkout process should work. Plain and simple: the easier the checkout process, the more sales you’ll have. Here are a few tips for things to do and things to avoid. Read On


What’s the Deal with Instagram?

17 Dec 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the local internet marketing section(s)


It turns out more and more peeps are turning to Instagram all the time. In August of this year, Instagram even beat out Twitter for mobile users. That’s right. According to comScore, Instagram had about 7.3 million daily mobile viewers, while Twitter had about 6.9 million daily mobile users. What does this mean for businesses? It’s time to consider jumping on the bandwagon.

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Transitioning from Google Places to Google+ Local

5 Oct 2012 | written by Kristian Gali for the local internet marketing, Local Maps section(s)

google plus

Google is constantly changing its algorithms and platforms. What once was a new phenomenon is now old news. On May 30, 2012, Google officially announced the merge from Places to Google+ Local. Eighty million Places pages that were once part of Google Places Maps were converted to Google+ Local pages.

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Tips for Promoting Your Website

12 Sep 2012 | written by Kyler Dalton for the internet marketing, local internet marketing section(s)

website promotion

Here are some basic ways to build your website’s credibility and relevancy, so that search engines such as Google will see your business as trustworthy. While online marketing can be complex and seem intimidating, there are some easy steps you can follow to better promote your website.

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