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Google Announces Algorithm Update: Panda 4.0

21 May 2014 | written by Mei Lam for the Google News, SEO section(s)

Google recently announced a new update to the Panda algorithm which is being deemed, Panda 4.0. Here is some useful information about algorithm updates, the Panda update and how it will affect you.

What are algorithm updates?

Google as well as other search engines continually update their search algorithms to improve search experience and provide quality results. These updates are designed to limit the ranking ability of sites that Google may deem as low quality. There are believed to be more than 200 factors that play into the algorithm and helps decide the rank of a website. These can include signals related to links, on-site content, website structure, page load time, user experience, brand mentions and much more. As Google gathers and analyzes data they will make updates to limit what they deem as lower quality sites from ranking. The efforts of SEO are designed to optimize sites for the many signals that help Google define a quality site.

It is important to keep in mind that Google isn’t perfect; there is always a level of collateral damage when updates are pushed out. Quality sites can and have lost rank due to these updates. No site is immune to updates. The intent is to work to stay within Google guidelines and adjust strategies as needed when the search landscape changes due to updates.

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How to Sell Products on Google

25 Nov 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News, Small Business Tips section(s)


It’s pretty amazing how every time you search for a product on Google, Google will not only return a series of relevant organic listings and paid ads, but they will also present you with a list of vendors that offer the exact product you need. For example, I am doing my Christmas shopping early (go me!) and just searched for “BYU hats” for my husband (I hope he doesn’t read this post so as to not spoil the surprise). As soon as I clicked on “search,” I was able to choose from 8 different vendors to buy the perfect hat. If you are a vendor looking to sell your products on Google, all you have to do is follow these easy steps, and you are well on your way to making more money online. Read On


Spice up your Google PPC Ad with Google Extensions

12 Jun 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News, PPC section(s)


Writing ad copy that attracts the right customers can be a challenge. Consumers are looking for quick answers and the advertiser with the clearest path to an answer often wins the click. Writing copy that gets clicks involves lots of trial and error, but the good news is that Google offers a way to make delivering quality copy easier. With Google Extensions, you can optimize your ad to include information that attracts customers. Here are some Google Extensions you can add to your ad for free. Read On


Search the New Google Maps

3 Jun 2013 | written by Kyler Dalton for the Google News section(s)

New Google Maps 'work to lax'

Google recently announced the new Google Maps. This hasn’t been universally rolled out yet, but you can request an invite here. The redesign for the desktop is highly functional (with a good internet connection), cleaner, and smarter. The Google team has designed it to have the same ‘cards’ feel as the Google Now app. Essentially, it looks nice! I’ll review some of the best, new features, but it’s hard to know where to start! Read On


Google Places Review Update

31 May 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News section(s)


Google made an announcement last week that positively affects any thriving business. They announced that they are now accepting requests to move your business reviews from one listing to another.

If you are part of a growing company, chances are you experience a lot of change. For example, your company may experience a change in name, ownership, physical location, or your services may even be acquired by another business. Read On


Google Launches Penguin 2.0

23 May 2013 | written by Eli Adams for the Google News, SEO section(s)


What is Penguin?

Penguin 1.0 was launched in early 2012 as part of Google’s efforts to eliminate ranking sites that use methods of web spam and over-optimization. It also aimed to penalize sites with poor user experiences.

Essentially, Penguin’s purpose is to clean up the Internet, which is great for us and our clients as it eliminates the need to compete with black-hat sites for rankings.

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How do Search Engines Make Money, Anyway?

20 May 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News, online marketing section(s)


In an economy where we are used to paying for goods and services, it seems a bit confusing that a free service like a search engine actually makes money. While most online marketers with an online advertising budget know the answer to that question, a recent survey by Harris Interactive indicates that a large amount of Americans don’t understand how Google and Facebook bring in the green. Read On


The Skinny on Advance Google Search

17 May 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News, internet marketing section(s)


Did you know there are all sorts of search tools to help you return more specific Google search results? We often get so used to relying on Google’s basic search to find information that we forget Google has implemented a wide range of advance search options. These advance search options help us easily find exactly what we need when we need it. Check out the following ways to better refine search results using Google’s Advance Search page. Read On


Welcome to “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase”

10 May 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News, online marketing section(s)


Last week, Google launched an awesome new analytics tool. Based on pulling data from 36,000 of Google’s largest advertisers, Google is now able to provide quality insights about the buying patterns of consumers in your target industry. Read On


Google Trends Now Includes YouTube Stats

29 Mar 2013 | written by Ashley R. Cummings for the Google News, online marketing section(s)

GoogleIncludesYouTubeTrends copy

If you’re interested in how often various search terms are entered into Google, you’ve probably found yourself analyzing data in Google Trends. If not, now would be a good time to get with the program. After all, Google Trends is one of the best tools for tracking traffic patterns across the world at various points in time. Popular data for Google Trends include Google’s Images, News, Web Search, and, as of March 20th, YouTube.

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