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Bathroom Cube Prank

27 Apr 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the Fun Stuff section(s)

Here at OrangeSoda, we have a long history of pranks. We love to prank each other which led one of our best PPC Analysts, Dallin Price, into trouble. After pranking someone else Dallin expressed his interest in being involved in the next prank; he then promptly went on vacation for a week.

Who in their right mind would ask to be in on more pranks and then leave town for a week?!

Pics and details after the break.
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Book Review – REWORK

22 Apr 2010 | written by Mr. Lightfoot for the Reviews section(s)

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson write the way they build websites. And that’s not a bad thing. They’re the authors of REWORK, the latest book from Chicago-based web application company 37Signals. Written as a series of iterations on iterating, the book expresses the now-famous philosophy of Fried and Hansson in their most readable, well-illustrated way yet. From meetings and work hours to finding funding and picking fights with the competition, this book will surprise you with its blunt witticisms.

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Google Docs to Store More Than Docs!

1 Apr 2010 | written by AJ Wilcox for the Fun Stuff, Google News section(s)

Google Docs to Store More Than Docs!

An awesome announcement today from the fellas at Topeka has just broken. You can now store ANYTHING in Google docs!  What does that mean for the layman? Here are some ideas to get your cogs going:

  1. Upload your bike so you never have to walk anywhere
  2. Upload a can of gasoline so you never have to worry about running out of gas
  3. Store your sunglasses so you’ll always have them when you need them

There are hundreds of uses, but you have to ask yourself, “What’s the catch?”

This sort of service doesn’t come cheap. Topeka is committing highway robbery with this service, charging a whopping $.10 per kilogram.

If you uploaded everything in your home, you’d likely end up spending close to $30. Seriously, who has $30 in this economy?

Topekans Topekanites, if you’re reading this, please price your service for the masses! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the convenience of having everything I own at my fingertips whenever I’m online is not worth a one-time payment of $30.

I guess this is one more technology that will be reserved for the super rich. Topeka – you’ve let me down.


Google Changes Name to Topeka

1 Apr 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the Fun Stuff section(s)

Google Changes Name to Topeka

This has to be the most bizarre branding move I’ver ever seen! In response to Topeka changing their name to Google, Google has now changed it’s name to Topeka! What does this mean to the everday user?

Well, it means that people are going to have to start to change their vocabulary. If someone tells me they “google’d” something I’ll assume they went to Kansas and bought that something an ice cream.

While the official replacement term for Googlers is now going to be Topekans I would prefer it if you called me a Topekanite, which sort of sounds like it might be a pokemon.


The Top 10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Suck

23 Mar 2010 | written by AJ Wilcox for the Fun Stuff section(s)

The Top 10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Suck

In keeping with OrangeSoda’s clever irony, I thought I would poke a little fun at top 10 lists. The truth is, top 10’s used to make great linkbait. After all, who doesn’t want to link to a concise resource that provides great value? It’s getting old, though. It’s been hashed, rehashed, used and abused, and it just doesn’t get you noticed anymore.

Of course, there are high-quality exceptions, but their overall value is declining. For that reason, I wanted to put together this top ten list of the reasons why top 10 lists suck:

10. The credibility associated for writing 10 bullet points probably isn’t going to get you a date

9. You are more likely to get laughed at than lauded for your collection (read: turn off comments)

8. There are so many lists out there, that you have a better shot at creating a ‘Top 37’ list and getting found

7. They give too much credit to David Letterman

6. When done improperly, which most do, they are anti-climatic and don’t leave you with the best reason by the time you make it to #1. In short, you end up wasting your time.

5. Your time could better be spent creating new and innovative content than watching a blinking cursor after the number 5, and realizing that you can’t think up 5 more

4. They show as much innovation on the part of a marketer as is found at the bottom of a lake

3. You might have better luck with a middle- or bottom-10 list

2. They’re getting old and tired. The only person who will still propagate your list is your grandma on Facebook because she thinks they’re new

1. They’re an affront to people who could only think of 9 reasons, and hinder those who were smart enough to think up 11

So there you have it, the top ten reasons why top ten lists suck. I hope I didn’t disappoint.  I love to see innovative marketers get deserved attention.


Sarah Killen Famous because of Conan O’Brien

5 Mar 2010 | written by AJ Wilcox for the Fun Stuff, Social Networking, Success Stories section(s)

Conan's Twitter Image

Conan's Twitter Image

OK, I thought this was just fantastic. I am a huge Twitter user, and I love stories about how Twitter and other social media platforms change lives. I follow Conan O’Brien since his Tonight Show debacle, and every day he tweets something that is hilarious. Today he did something that shows the power of a celebrity mention.

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What Google Leaves in China

13 Jan 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the Google News, Infographics section(s)

What Google Leaves in China

With the recent news that Google might be breaking off its partnership with the Chinese government we wanted to illustrate what that could mean for Google. Check out this infographic I made and I’ll share my thoughts after. Read On


Job Title Generator

6 Jan 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the Fun Stuff section(s)

Job Title Generator

I was arguing with my boss what my title should be and it turned out to be harder than I thought to think of a good title! So I whipped together a little php/jquery script to help me brainstorm. Now you can use it too! Have fun. As always, feedback in the comments :)

Apparently some people in our office thought this was really how we wanted them to generate their titles. They looked at “Under Secretary to the Sales Secretary” and thought, “oh yeah, that figures.”

Just to be clear, yes, that is supposed to be your job title! No really! Go put it on a business card!
My new email signature

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Halloween at OrangeSoda

31 Oct 2008 | written by Janet Thaeler for the Fun Stuff section(s)

OrangeSoda is a very spirited company…
aintshepretty greenguy oldmano ohcanada youreunderarrest jailbird sherocks Will Optimize for Food chips homelesshobo


That’s What We Twittered

10 Jul 2008 | written by Janet Thaeler for the Fun Stuff section(s)

I found what I want for Christmas. Besides an OrangeSoda t-shirt with our hip new logo, I want a nerdy t-shirt that says: “That’s What She Twittered.” So if you want to give it to me, here’s where you can find it:

Here’s what it looks like:


When Twitter is not down, it’s a lot of fun. Twitter is a great tool for business – helping you build community, and quickly broadcast your news and blog posts. If you want to read what we’ve twittered, follow us at