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Happy Holidays

20 Dec 2011 | written by Dan Garfield for the Fun Stuff section(s)

As we wind up another year I can’t help but reflect on some of the best moments. Being chosen for the Inc. 500 was pretty awesome. Getting hundreds of positive notes from happy clients was the best and it’s energized us all here to blow things up even more for next year. We’re cooking up some exciting new things and we’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on. In the meantime, a couple of our bottle rockers put together this fun video to celebrate.

Happy holidays, everyone.



A Business Lesson Learned from The Office

23 Jun 2011 | written by Erika Potter for the Reviews, Social Networking section(s)

A Business Lesson Learned from The Office

When I watch reruns of one of my favorite TV shows, “The Office,” I’m typically not seeking any type of knowledge or profound inspiration – mostly just a good laugh. However, my expectations were proved wrong during one particular episode where the newly hired intern, Ryan, was sharing some of his “business school” knowledge with Michael Scott. It caught my attention when he said “it costs ten times more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one.”  I had learned this concept in past business classes; however, I thought it would make an excellent topic for a blog post. We may not be working for the Michael Scott Paper Company, but I think the same concept applies to practically any business. Read On


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Antoine Dodson: An Infographic

2 May 2011 | written by Dylan Higginbotham for the Fun Stuff, Infographics section(s)

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Antoine Dodson: An Infographic

After being interviewed on the local news about the failed rape of his sister by an intruder, Antoine Dodson became an internet sensation, featured in the Gregory Brothers’ “Bed Intruder Song,” part of their Auto-Tune the News series. Eventually placing at an amazing #89 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, Antoine went on to become a cult hero, interviewed on The Today Show, performing at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and even had an official Bed Intruder Halloween costume made in his honor.

The following are the events that happened along Antoine’s rise. We also tracked the number of video views for the original interview and the Bed Intruder song.


I Heart Mobile

23 Feb 2011 | written by Ben Mosbarger for the Fun Stuff, Mobile Web, Other section(s)

I Heart Mobile

Okay, so you and everyone has heard something like “this is the year that mobile takes off” for the last three  years. Last year was the biggest leap yet for mobile. Evidence of this can be seen with the expansion of Android onto every device on the planet and the ever-expanding empire of Steve Jobs. Even Verizon is positioning themselves to be the mobile leader in the U.S. with the iPhone and a slew of new Android devices coming this year. In fact if you were to view Verizon’s website today, you would see 34 results just for smartphones! Read On


Why Groupon’s Super Bowl ads are actually brilliant and awesome

9 Feb 2011 | written by Dan Garfield for the Reviews section(s)

Why Groupon's Super Bowl ads are actually brilliant and awesome

I may still not know who played in the Super Bowl but you better believe that I know who advertised in the Super Bowl. My Sunday evening ritual of pretending to read books was interrupted by the controversy over Groupon’s ads. On Facebook, I saw friends unsubscribing Groupon, declaring their ads “tasteless!”.

Well, I rushed to (Groupon’s ad repository) to watch these “tasteless” ads. And then I laughed. I laughed really hard because these ads are some of the most brilliant pieces of ironic self-deprecating advertising I’ve seen in a long time. Read On


Small Retailers and Black Friday: How to Win

31 Jan 2011 | written by Dylan Higginbotham for the Fun Stuff, Infographics section(s)

Small Retailers and Black Friday: How to Win

Black Friday 2010 was of epic proportions. Average Holiday spending was up $20 from 2009 to $365.34 per person. The total number of shoppers went up to 212 million from 195 million. While internet shopping is rising, 98% of holiday shopping is done in-person.

Small merchants have a hard time competing with national big box stores which offer deep discounts and sales that small merchants can’t match. What can small businesses do to compete with the Targets and Wal-Marts of Black Friday? Read On


Privacy Policies: Internet’s Patriot Act

7 Dec 2010 | written by Dylan Higginbotham for the Reviews, Small Business Tips section(s)

We’ve all scrolled through them and checked “I agree” without even reading a word. It’s the dreaded privacy policy. Does anyone even read those things? What is a privacy policy even for? Most of us think of it as nothing but a confusing mass of legalese. Privacy policies are designed to outline how a business or website gets user data and what they do with it. Read On


I Want a Sports Car Bagel Not a Prius Bagel

8 Nov 2010 | written by Clint Eagar for the Reviews, Small Business Tips section(s)

I Want a Sports Car Bagel Not a Prius Bagel

Each week here at OrangeSoda several of us get together to pow-wow about our blog posting efforts. We typically have some munchies to sooth the soul. This morning we had delicious Einstein Bros bagels, compare these bagels to the circular cardboard bagel I stomached the other day from Sara Lee which was purchased in a bag from Wal-Mart. Calling these bagels is like calling a Prius a sports car. Read On


Why Google’s New Keyword Tool Sucks for Local

25 Oct 2010 | written by AJ Wilcox for the Reviews, SEO section(s)

Why Google's New Keyword Tool Sucks for Local

When Google released their new keyword tool, I was optimistic. Google tools are always awesome, right? Sadly, the latest tool release, the Google keyword tool, leaves one of the most important markets out in the cold: local search.

Google is Huge on Local

Geo targeting in AdWords and local maps listings for businesses are just a couple of the examples of products that Google has created entirely for the local market. Google loves local!

So imagine my surprise when I open up Google’s new keyword tool to run some local keywords and see that the new tool has flipped the opposite way – not only does it favor national keyterms, but it eschews geo qualifiers.

Read On


The Marketing Economics of Halloween Attractions

20 Oct 2010 | written by Dan Garfield for the Infographics, local internet marketing, Social Networking section(s)

The Marketing Economics of Halloween Attractions

With Halloween coming up, we were wondering how haunted houses, haunted forests, haunted corn mazes, and haunted laundromats did business, marketed their hauntings, and made money.

You’d figure that, in 2010, the number one marketing tool for these guys would be social media and the Internet but alas, it’s still the radio. Here’s some quick ideas of what haunt peddlers could do to take advantage of social media.

Take frightened pictures of your guests

Take patrons’ pictures when they’re screaming because that headless-zombie-Jason-look-alike-with-the-limp-and-baby-arms just jumped out and everyone screamed like they were at a Justin Bieber concert. But then give these pictures out for free. If it were me, I would have a kiosk setup outside where guests could claim their pictures by posting them straight to Facebook.

Use the power of video and scary pranks

In a brilliant move, a movie recently used Chatroulette to scare people by with a cute girl that goes all crazy demon possessed.  Haunt peddlers should rinse and repeat, record the reactions, and shared the love. Showing people that you can scare through the Internet will convince them that you can scare in person.

Use your theme to the Nth degree

If your haunted attraction has a theme like The Ring, tease it up by releasing your own 7-days till death video before the opening. Try to extend whatever themes you’re working with. For another example, across the street from the office I’m sitting in is a “Haunted Forest.” Why not go and haunt a popular forest spot to promote what you’re doing? Go hang Blair Witch symbols in the park everyone frequents and set up some clues that point back to what you’re doing. Then tease it up with videos, cryptic tweets, or whatever.

Okay, those are all the ones I could think of off the top of my head. Submit your ideas below or just checkout our infographic!