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Three Pros and Cons of Using Mobile PPC for Your Clients

2 Jun 2014 | written by Elizabeth Baier for the Mobile Web, PPC section(s)

Paid search marketing is all the rage in 2014. In a study conducted last year by Hanapin Marketing, 73 percent surveyed said they were planning to increase their PPC spend this year. Why are the pros investing more in this platform? Because these ads get conversions and make money for clients. Now with the addition of Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords, marketers should tailor their copy based on what type of search it is, mobile or PC, to see optimal success.

Obviously every online campaign is unique, and some strategies won’t work for certain industries, however, generally speaking, there are many pros to using mobile PPC campaigns.

Pro: Greater Visibility

PPC is an awesome tool for many reasons, but since we are talking about mobile PPC, we wanted to highlight that it is a sure way you can get visibility for your client without needing to be a top 3 competitor in the organic results. In 2013, 50% of mobile searchers used their phone to begin the search and research process. Using PPC ads can be a good way to get your client noticed from the beginning and plant the seeds for later conversion.

Pro: More Control

Marketers now have more control than ever over mobile PPC campaigns. And control is crucial if you want to acquire new clients or increase your sales. You can control who sees your ads at what times, what ads show depending on the type of device, and better analytics allow you to make informed decisions about your campaigns going forward.

Pro: Quick Conversions

Today’s Internet users are (at least a little bit) tech savvy. They know the difference between a paid ad and an organic search result. This can work for you or against you (we discuss this later). People are more likely to click and convert on a mobile PPC ad than other devices IF your ad targets exactly what they are looking for and uses the right extensions.

Say someone is looking for a place to eat lunch while out shopping. You own a pizza restaurant down the street and offer a $5 lunch special. With a quick mobile search, your ad is the first listed because it is near the searcher and you advertise that popular special. The searcher is hungry and the location is convenient enough. S/he clicks to call and makes a to-go order. There’s a conversion right there.

It was hard to point out any cons of mobile PPC marketing because this is one of the best tactics you can use, but we did find a few to bring to your attention, and these should be considered when you are crafting your ads.

Con: Limited Time

With any type of mobile marketing, it all comes back to timing. Someone searching on their phone isn’t willing to spend a ton of time trying to find what they are looking for. The marketer only has a few seconds to make an impression on the searcher before he/she will either try new search terms or swipe past. Your available time to convince someone to click your ad is very limited, so you need to feel confident in your ad copy and make sure it is targeting your ideal demographic to avoid wasting money.

Con: It’s Easy to Avoid Your Ad

As you know, using a smartphone to search is very convenient. It’s just as convenient to swipe past the ads. When we mentioned that searchers know the difference between a paid ad and an organic result, this is what we meant by saying it can work against you. If the searcher already knows who or what they are looking for in the search and they don’t want a paid ad, they don’t have to click it. This obviously reduces the number of conversions.

Con: You Have to Have a Strategy

PPC isn’t one of those things that you can do willy-nilly (unless you have unlimited money). You have to have a strategy in place and do the needed research and work to make the campaign successful. You need to use analytics to figure out your target demographic and find out when they are searching, then capitalize on the opportunity. With mobile PPC, your success depends on your overall mobile strategy. Are your ads directing customers to optimized mobile landing pages or a generic website page? The former will lead to more conversions and the latter will guarantee a bounce.

Integrating mobile PPC ads into your overall marketing strategy is a necessity. Mobile searches are on the rise and you could be missing out on potential customers and revenue if you don’t utilize the latest tools.


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