How do Broken Links Affect SEO?

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When web developers delete a linked page, place an incorrect URL in a text link, or change a URL address without correctly updating the URL, a broken link is created. In other words, when searchers (and/or web crawlers) browse through your site and click on the link, they may be directed to a page with a 404 error. Every website experiences a few broken links now and then, and a few may not destroy your website’s life, but there are a lot of reasons to beware of excess 404 errors on your website. Here are a few reasons why broken links are no bueno.

Broken Links Negatively Affect SEO

It’s important to understand that one of the ways search engines rank websites is by crawling their links. If there are dead links on your website, it can stop search engine spiders from crawling your site and, thus, indexing it. One of the first things our SEO experts will do at OrangeSoda is check for any broken links and fix them right away.

Broken Links Turn Users Away

I don’t know about you, but the second I click on a potentially great link in hopes of obtaining information and get a 404 return error instead, I get annoyed and stop taking that website seriously. 404 errors encourage users to move on to the next site rather than stick around and hope they will get the information they need from a broken page. When users get broken link errors, it can affect your repeat user ratio and affect your website’s conversion rates. It’s just worth it to fix those broken links.

Google Frowns Upon Dead Links

Out of all the search engines to impress, Google should be at the top of your list. Google is all about providing a user friendly experience, which includes protecting users against websites with broken links. If you want to rank well with Google, fix your excess broken links.

If you are not sure if you have broken links or how to fix them, contact OrangeSoda today. We are here to help you make your website more search engine friendly with a solid online marketing strategy.