What’s the Deal with Instagram?

17 Dec 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the local internet marketing section(s)


It turns out more and more peeps are turning to Instagram all the time. In August of this year, Instagram even beat out Twitter for mobile users. That’s right. According to comScore, Instagram had about 7.3 million daily mobile viewers, while Twitter had about 6.9 million daily mobile users. What does this mean for businesses? It’s time to consider jumping on the bandwagon.

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Tips for Tweeting

30 Nov 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Social Networking section(s)


When it comes to tweeting, most businesses do it wrong. The truth is, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the Twitter climate. There’s nothing quite like it. So, here are some tips for composing your 140-character lines of prose.

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What’s the Deal with Foursquare?

27 Nov 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Mobile Web, Social Networking section(s)


What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a free phone app that uses your GPS location to recommend businesses in your area, based on your check-in history and the check-in history of your friends. You can check into a business, see what others have said about places, and sometimes unlock promotions or specials.

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The Importance of Small Businesses

19 Nov 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Small Business Tips section(s)

small business saturday infographic

Remember, Small Business Saturday is coming up (Nov. 24), and supporting local businesses means supporting growth in your own community. This infographic helps outline some of the impact of small businesses. Join us in a dash for holiday shopping this Saturday as we hit up local businesses for gifts and services.



Halloween, Soda-style

1 Nov 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Fun Stuff section(s)

OS sign

Since OrangeSoda’s beginnings, we’ve been crazy about Halloween. It’s a chance for coworkers to plan and scheme together, to let the creative juices flow, and to bond over silliness. Every year, Halloween at OrangeSoda gets bigger and better. Every department always competes against one another with decorations and themes and in the afternoon, families come in, take a tour, and trick-or-treat throughout the different departments. For Sodians, Halloween is a deep-rooted tradition and a festivity to look forward to all year long. It’s a big part of our company culture, and one of the many reasons why employees love working at OrangeSoda. Here are some of the highlights of the day:

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OrangeSoda Receives Awards for Growth

18 Oct 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the OrangeSoda News section(s)

MWCN awards

We celebrated our sixth birthday by accepting some awards from Mountain West Capital Network. OrangeSoda received an award for fastest growing business in Utah County, and eighth fastest growing business in Utah. Awards were given based on percentage growth in revenue between 2007 and 2011.

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Write Engaging Facebook Statuses

9 Oct 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Social Networking section(s)


By now lots of businesses know they should be on Facebook. You know the drill: create a fan page, fill out your info, throw up a picture. Now what? Businesses that understand how to write status updates and engage with fans will retain their fans better and add new fans everyday. Businesses that unintentionally write boring, annoying, or sales-y statuses will quickly be ignored or dropped. Fans don’t want to hear noise. They must be convinced to keep a business in their good graces.

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Happy Birthday, Google!

27 Sep 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Google News section(s)


Today Google celebrates its 14th anniversary. How? With a fun Google Doodle on the search engine’s homepage, of course. An animated GIF shows the company’s birthday cake before and after the pieces have been cut. Check it out here or keep reading below for a peek.

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Behold: The Power of Social Media

20 Aug 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the Infographics, Social Networking section(s)

Social Media

At OrangeSoda, we’ve spent plenty of time learning, teaching, using, and breathing social media. Since social media users change all the time, we’ve done some research to see how people currently use different social networks. Today we’re happy to share our findings with you. Enjoy.


OrangeSoda Launches PageInk to Help Businesses Get More out of Facebook

30 May 2012 | written by Ashley Walton for the OrangeSoda News section(s)

Facebook page creation tool PageInk

Today we’re happy to announce the release of a new Facebook Page creation tool: PageInk, which runs for $49.99 a month. PageInk enables small to medium-sized business owners to enhance their Facebook presence with eye-catching designs for pages in the form of promotions, coupons, contests, polls, and more. With the help of PageInk, businesses can gain new customers, encourage return business, build their brand, and get people talking about their business. Read On