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Why Online Reputation Management Matters

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Blog Content, Online Marketing, Online PR, pr, Public Relations, reputation management, social media

You may have heard the recent story of Posh Bagel. According to a Yelp one-star review, Posh Bagel allegedly denied service to a man dressed in a military uniform, and it caused an online uproar for obvious reasons. If you haven’t heard the story of Posh Bagel, perhaps you have heard that United breaks guitars….

How to Respond to Google+ Reviews

Posted By: OrangeSoda

feedback, google, Online PR, online reviews, Online Reviews, reputation management, social media

Google+ has made it easier than ever for consumers to find quality information about companies. This is great news for both businesses and consumers. Additionally, people who are interested in what you have to sell, but are on the fence about whether to actually purchase, can read your Google+ reviews to get the extra affirmation…

Your Online Reputation – It's About Standing For Something

Posted By: OrangeSoda

manage your reputation, reputation management, social media interactions

As an internet marketer, I hear a lot of talk about reputation management.  I was recently impressed by a great success story. It wasn’t really done to manage reputation, but to live up to one of the companies values statements: “Caring about our communities & our environment.” For most companies, I think a value statement…

The Five Modes of Social Media, part 5: Reputation Management

Posted By: OrangeSoda

managing your reputation, reputation management, social media

Social media is awesome and can do so much for your business, but with so many modes of use that it can provide, how do you prioritize and where do you start? Great questions – let’s start out with listing all five modes: Branding/PR Sales channel Promotions Customer interaction Reputation management This is the fifth…

Suggestions for Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation

Posted By: OrangeSoda

manage your reputation, reputation management

Since the information highway has no end in sight, it is more important than ever to take proactive steps to manage your company’s online reputation. The enormity of the web is a blessing and curse–it gives you the tools to monitor your reputation, but it also gives the same tools to anybody who wants to…