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21 April 2015 Deadline for Mobile Friendly Website

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Will “Mobilegeddon” Kill Your Website? One of the changes Google plans to implement is to expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Google has given webmasters and businesses plenty of fair warning about why websites should be mobile-friendly. Now, the deadline has been set and sites deemed “not mobile-friendly” will be demoted in…

The Secret to Writing Online Content People Actually Want to Read

Posted By: Matt Jaggi

Unless you’re the kind of person who curls up with the Encyclopædia Brittanica for a bit of light bedtime reading, you probably only enjoy reading content that is simple, yet tastefully written. But how do you write such content? Here are 5 pointers on how to write online content people actually want to read. 1….

21 April 2015 Deadline for Mobile Friendly Website

Posted By: Matt Jaggi

Google Announces a Big Change: Why Your Website May Be in Trouble If consumers have to pull out their reading glasses to decipher the text from your website when pulled up on their smartphones, there’s a problem. Having a stellar website may give your business bragging rights, but if it hasn’t been optimized for mobile…

Which Social Media Outlet Is Best for My Business?

Posted By: Matt Jaggi

Let’s face it—social media has taken over the globe one Facebook user at a time. And unless you’re the adorable old lady who believes Twitter is a birdwatching club, it’s time to utilize social media for your company. As a business owner, you’ve probably wondered which social media outlet is best. Here’s an insider’s look…

Why Brian Williams Needs Reputation Management

Posted By: Matt Jaggi

Why Brian Williams Needs Reputation Management Brian Williams—the suave face of NBC Nightly News and one of the nation’s favorite reporters (until now) was recently suspended from NBC for 6 months without pay. This occurred after he falsely reported coming under fire in a US military helicopter during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Williams…

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