Blended online marketing

Business, meet Blend.

It’s everything you need to succeed online.

With Blend, OrangeSoda uses search engine marketing, site optimization, and clear reporting to give businesses the best value. We make sure all the parts of your marketing campaign strengthen each other and contribute to a harmonious, deliciously blended whole.


Be seen.

Get a website designed for results.


PopSite converts 2–5 times better than normal websites

That’s no typo. PopSites are built to bring in more customers. We do it with time-tested landing page optimization and clear, directive design.

Mobile friendly

With PopSite, your business will receive mobile customers searching on their phones. It’s more than making the website easy to use; it’s about making your business easy to use.

Text alerts for better response time

We build text messaging alerts into PopSite, so you’re notified immediately when a customer contacts you. Your customers will be impressed.

Coupon and deal promotion

Entice customers with coupons and deals, promoted right from your PopSite. Customers can claim coupons via text message, print, or email.

Build cred.

Make your competitors jealous.

What Google says about SEO

“If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better.”

— Google Webmasters Support 3/15/12

Future-proof SEO

Instead of using cheap tricks to rank quickly, we build long-term credibility for your business. We ensure the value of your SEO for a long time to come.

Onsite optimization

 With PopSite, we highlight your business in the best possible light. We make it happen with content optimization, titles, meta-tags, content creation, and sitemaps.

Niche and proprietary link building

We’re always auditing and working to make our link building better, more relevant, and more effective.

Original content creation

We have a crack team of in-house writers who create customized content for your site, not just filler text. They know how to write content to snag customers and gain cred with search engines.

Rank Quickly.

Use targeted ads to bring in customers.

PPC certified

Dedicated paid search professionals

You have a dedicated expert responsible for the success of your campaign. Not only do they carry the right certifications, but they have a team of PPC professionals to help out.

Vertical-specific experts

Whether you’re a dentist, lawyer, or restaurateur, we have an expert who specializes in your market.

Fast results

While we’re building long-term value with SEO, we blend up some PPC goodness for immediate visibility on search engines.

Top-tier Search Engine Advertising

Because our focus is on bringing in more customers, we don’t mess around with second-rate search engines. We only advertise where it matters.


Our Process for Stellar Paid Search

PPC consultation
Initial consultation

We sit down with you to figure out what makes your business tick. We’ll talk about your goals, focus, and target ROI.

PPC research
Market research

We find the best way to reach your industry and meet your goals.

Keyword research
Keyword research

We do the legwork to see how your potential customers search, and we find the right keywords for your goals.

PPC monthly optimization
Monthly Optimization

We use negative keywords, ad scheduling, ad copy A/B testing, multi-variate testing, and other technical mojo.


Get mapped.

Give searchers a map to your front door.

Mobile optimization


Placement on mobile maps applications

Tablet optimization


Optimized for maps apps and the web

Maps optimization


Maps are the default result when searching locally


Optimized profile

With well over a billion searches a month, Maps is an essential piece of any local marketing strategy. We’ll create a Google Places profile for your business, optimize it and promote it. We don’t just drive rankings– we drive customers.

Seamless integration with PopSite

Our PopSites are built specifically with maps SEO in mind. We use industry standard rich snippets to built a strong tie between your website and your maps profile.

Placement on every device

Google Maps is everywhere. It’s on smart phones through iOS and Android, it’s on desktops, laptops, tablets and more importantly it’s in the hands of your customers.

Go mobile.

Be easily accessible to customers.

Mobile marketing

Mobile-friendly website

 For nearly 1/3 of smartphone owners, the phone is their primary way of accessing the internet. PopSite is built for mobile use, which is not only better for consumers, but better for business.

Coupons claimable via text

Printable coupons is so 2005. Your customers can skip the printer and send coupons directly to their phones. Everyone wins.

Maps, Maps, Maps

When people search locally, they use their phone, and they search using a Maps application. We blend Maps optimization, mobile optimization, and SEO to bring you the most customers you can handle.

Pique interest.

Show customers a reason to find you.

Coupon marketing

Textable and printable coupons

PopSite lets customers print or text coupons which can then be promoted via social media and email.

See who’s downloading

Everytime someone snags a coupon we record it and you can see how often those coupons are claimed.

See progress.

Call your dedicated account manager anytime.

Online marketing expert

Industry-specific experts

Our account managers are each experts in different industries. Whether you’re a dentist or a roofer, we have someone that specializes in marketing you.

The buck stops here

Having a dedicated account manager means that at the end of the day the responsibility for your account falls on one person. Email them, call them, heck, Facebook stalk them.

Monthly Consultation

Every month your account manager meets with you to go over strategy and results. Never be in the dark about your online marketing again.

sem reporting

At-a-glance design

Monthly progress reports make it very easy to gauge the progress of your campaign. We use pretty graphs and charts too.

Call Tracking

We use special phone numbers that offer concrete reporting on the number of calls generated from specific pieces of marketing.

Login for real-time reporting

MyFizz provides a real-time look at the progress we’re making. You don’t have to call or email to get a report on what’s been going on. Just login. It’s easy.

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